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February 2017

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

I've been quiet for a while but not idle. The past 6 months have been a busy and challenging time for us, starting with Ken experiencing chronic back pain from August and eventually having to succumb to major spinal surgery in December. In the end all worked out thanks to the highly recommendable Panorama Mediclinic and the two surgeons who attended to him. He has recovered well and thankfully is now pain-free - well as good as can be expected at 65....haha.

Anyway February is a short month and we're already well into it so let me not dally any longer. 

Specials this month and other good news.

First good news is that my latest shipment of See Yourself Well supplements from Canada landed in January without the usual nasty surprises I get as far as import and shipping costs go. No increases and on top of this the dollar/rand exchange rate has been stable for the past few months too. So where I expected there might have to be some price hikes in January, there are none! Yay! So I'm sharing this happy event with you by offering all the products in my latest shipment at 10% off for this month of February. See the attached product list.

Life Support Secondly, many of you will be glad to see your favourite Life Support Omega-3 is back due to popular demand. This is the softgel with the enteric coating which breaks down only once it has passed through the stomach, so no fishy after taste - although I have yet to find anyone who experiences an after taste with the See Yourself Well brand.

The other good news is that for similar reasons regarding importing costs and the exchange rate, Natural Vibrance products are now 15% less on November's prices. I'm thrilled about this as this makes their excellent products more affordable.

You will also notice a few other random supplements marked down on the product list. I've been stock taking and discovered these are nearing their expiry date - but quantities are limited so don't let the grass grow under your feet.

Osteoporosis does not equal calcium deficiency alone

I so often get asked to recommend a calcium supplement as a preventative against or to correct osteoporosis. I can't, simply because there is no stand alone calcium supplement on the market that will correct or stop this crippling disease. Osteoporosis is a symptom of the aging process, where many factors come into play, not just calcium. It is alot more common in women than in men, with women experiencing symptoms primarily after menopause, although the degenerative process starts much earlier.

With osteoporosis, the main issues are:

  • Hormonal
  • Acidity
  • Vitamin D/and or sunlight exposure
  • Boron intake

From the hormonal aspect, progesterone activates osteoblasts which carry calcium from the bloodstream into bones. However, in women from about age 38 the body’s progesterone production declines, hence less activation of the osteoblasts whose function it is to build bone. 

High levels of acidity require buffering with calcium, which is drawn from our bones thus increasing osteoporosis and bone brittleness risk. Try to maintain an alkaline system by eating plenty of green veggies, and avoiding acidic foods such as carbonated drinks, especially Coke, fruit drinks, aspirin and sugar.

I'm sure I don't need to repeat myself regarding vitamin D's role in bone health as I have written about this often enough (like a stuck gramophone needle hey?). Simply put, Vitamin D maintains calcium balance by ensuring a healthy transport of calcium from the gut into the bloodstream preventing over accumulation. Your best source is sunlight of course, so if you can't manage this often enough, a supplement is adviseable.

Boron is making a name for itself as an effective treatment for the relief of arthritis but its range of action extends beyond that. It plays a crucial role in calcium integration into the cartilage and bone. This is important for all of us as we age, even if we do not have arthritis. 

So, as you can see,  calcium supplementation alone cannot achieve optimal bone health.  Firstly you need to choose your calcium supplement carefully. Don't take a supplement that cannot be metabolised and utilised as this leads to calcium overload in the bloodstream and possibly calcium deposits in the form of kidney stones, calcification of joints, hardening of arteries, even calcification of the brain. Synthetic calcium supplements derive their calcium from carbonates eg Caltrate, Tums, Rennies or a citrate eg Citracal. Both forms are hard for our cells to absorb.

Plant-derived calcium supplements such as Vibrant Health Super Natural Calcium are highly bio-available and are also complexed with proteins, carbs and other essential nutrients and vitamins such as Vit A, B complex, B12, iron, magnesium, potassium and molybdenum. Barley Life

An alternative would be Aim's Barley Life. A nutritious, alkaline powder made from young barley grass juice, it contains a balanced nutrient profile of all green plants with a natural balance and abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, proteins, active enzymes, and chlorophyll. Barley grass contains isoflavonoids that are particularly significant for the prevention of osteoporosis since they retain calcium and promote the depositing of calcium in the bones.Alkaplex Green

Or there is Enzyme Process Alkaplex Green, a special blend of greens, designed to counteract acidity, with the help of added digestive enzymes to ensure complete metabolisation of the wealth of nutrients contained in each capsule.

To sum up, here is my answer to the question "how do I prevent or correct osteoporosis and build and maintain strong bones?": 

To counteract acidity choose one of Super Natural Calcium/ Barley Life/ Alkaplex Green.

Add to this 4000-5000IU vitamin D3 and 3-6mg calcium fructoborate from Super Natural Boron daily.

Ladies over the age of 35 add Natural progesterone cream (High Care Body Cream). There is evidence that progesterone therapy can actually increase bone formation in those already replete. Men can benefit from low doses of this cream too.

Monsanto under the spotlight again

Physicians have challenged the theory that the Zika virus epidemic in Brazil is the cause of the increase in the birth defect, microcephaly, among newborns. The increase in this birth defect, in which the baby is born with an abnormally small head and often has brain damage, was quickly linked to the Zika virus by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. However, according to the Physicians the Ministry failed to recognise that in the area where most sick people live, a chemical larvicide that produces malformations in mosquitoes was introduced into the drinking water supply in 2014. (Poison in drinking water! Has the world gone mad?) This poison, Pyriproxyfen, is used in a State-controlled programme aimed at eradicating disease-carrying mosquitoes. And guess what? The Pyriproxyfen is manufactured by .....wait for it....a “strategic partner” of Monsanto.
The Physicians commented: “Malformations detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas where the Brazilian state added Pyriproxyfen to drinking water are not a coincidence, even though the Ministry of Health places a direct blame on the Zika virus for this damage.” They also noted that Zika has traditionally been held to be a relatively benign disease that has never before been associated with birth defects, even in areas where it infects 75% of the population.

Boy, we sure do get misled by the media and taken for fools, don't we?

Here's something else we need to know: Monsanto crop spraying

Latest research has produced evidence that after 20 years of use of crops engineered to tolerate herbicides and resist certain harmful insects, both technologies are losing effectiveness.

The two most widely used types of GMO traits are glyphosate-tolerance, developed in soybeans, corn, cotton, canola and other crops; and the Bt insect-resistant trait. But at least 70 million acres of U.S. farmland have become infested with glyphosate-resistant weeds since the GMO crops were introduced. As well, signs of mounting insect resistance to the Bt technology have been raising concerns across the farm belt for the last several years. Farmers are now using more herbicides to try to control resistant weeds, and returning to insecticide use to combat the resistant pests.

And I'm not done Monsanto bashing yet:
A study published in Scientific Reports, led by Dr. Michael Antoniou of King's College London, revealed serious liver disease in rats following chronic exposure to ultra-low, real-world doses of glyphosate-based Roundup, the world's most widely used herbicide. No surprises there.

The foods we eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.

Cancer and high triglycerides

A number of studies have shown that high levels of triglycerides in the blood of cancer patients are linked to lowerSYW Omega 3 Capsules survival times. Research on the link between blood triglyceride levels and prostate cancer resurgence, for example, has confirmed this. One research study showed that cancer cell surfaces were highly inflamed and bad fats could stick to the surface, in effect blocking the immune system´s ability to see the cancer cells.

This means that cutting bad fats from the diet and substituting good fats like extra virgin olive oil, nut, seed and fish oils can have a significant effect on survival times, as these good fats can actually lower triglycerides in the blood.

There is nothing to beat omega-3 fish oil when it comes to lowering triglycerides in the blood, and there are no side-effects. It is also a much safer way to thin the blood than drugs such as Warfarin. Patients get told not to take omega-3 when taking Warfarin. I say why not replace this harmful drug with omega-3 fish oil and derive the added heart health benefits you get from the essential fatty acids.


Well we're almost a quarter of the way through February so I'b better end off now or I'll be calling this my March newsletter soon. I close with these beautiful words which ring so true they gave me goose bumps:

Quote Dec 2016 

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