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June 2017

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

Here on the river bank we've had our first frosts so I guess Winter must have arrived, yet temperatures are still unseasonally mild. This is no excuse not to take action and support the immune system, at the very least by supplementing with extra high doses of vitamin C, and if you can, add omega-3 to your daily supplementation routine.

I was thrilled that so many of you took advantage of the amazing special I ran last month on the See Yourself Well Omega-3 300's. If you missed out don't despair: the special on the See Yourself Well Omega-3 150s is still running until 30 June. See below. 

Bye bye progesterone cream

Slowly but surely the new MCC regulations for natural health supplements is affecting us one by one. The latest product to be removed is natural progesterone. By this I mean the real progesterone produced in a lab from the diosgenin found in the root of wild yam. This means our Bioconcepts High Care Body Cream which has saved the life of many a husband of a menopausal women..haha, is sadly no longer available. If you find wild yam preparations purporting to be natural progesterone it may be cream containing wild yam but this is not progesterone. Although wild yam is often advertised as a natural source of estrogen, there is no scientific evidence that wild yam works to treat menopausal symptoms or osteoporosis. In fact, several studies have found that wild yam does not reduce the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes, or raise levels of estrogen or progesterone in the body. Some preparations of wild yam may contain progesterone, but only because a synthetic version of progesterone (medroxyprogesterone acetate or MPA) has been added to them. Super Natural Boron low res

Luckily husbands aren't in serious danger yet as we do still have the wonderful Super Natural Boron available to us. It is a marvellous hormone balancer for pre and post menopausal women, and for men too. The benefits derive from its role in supporting normal hormone levels and ratios of the hormonal form of vitamin D, DHEA, estradiol and testosterone. These all play a key role in building strong bones, which was another benefit of natural progesterone cream - so you see all is not lost. For ladies experiencing hot flushes three Super Natural Boron capsules at the moment of onset should offer quick relief.

Mongolian Seabuckthorn OilThe High Body Care Cream also sorted out vaginal dryness, common in menopause, however for that we still have Mongolian Seabuckthorn Oil. It restores the mucousa throughout the body so is not only effective for intimate dryness but also for disorders of the mucous membranes such as Dry Eye Syndrome and Sjogrens Syndrome. It repairs mucous membranes throughout the body including in the mouth, gastrointestinal tract and genitals. Great for moisturising the skin too. You can read more about this oil in my May 2010 newsletter.


Vaccine World Summit

When it comes to vaccinations you already know that all I ask is that, for the sake of your children, you make informed decisions. Read, read, read whatever you can, good and bad, about vaccines. A good start would be to listen to this series of webinars. It's free and they are available to watch any time:

Click here to receive instant access to the Vaccine World Summit. It features 5 doctors that reveal lifesaving news about vaccines, infectious diseases and immunity. If your time is limited, I urge you to at least find time to watch the first webinar which reveals astonishing information about the MMR vaccine. After watching this I think you will agree that, to be on the safe side, parents do need to insist that these three vaccines be given to their child separately and a few months apart.

If you decide you will have your children vaccinated then do consider a delayed vaccination schedule. They really don't all have to be done in the first 2 years of a child's life. For at least a week before and a week after your vaccination appointment give your child high doses of vitamin C. We're talking bowel tolerance doses, so as much as possible until stools become loose. High dose Vitamin C makes vaccinations safer in that it helps to protect the child from toxins in the vaccines and eliminate toxins from the liver faster. Vitamin C also acts as an antihistamine to guard against allergic reactions and it also helps vaccines to work better. It's a no-brainer in my books. For kiddies unable to swallow tablets, crush them in their food or drinks, or use the liquid or chewable options of vitamin C available. For small babies still on the breast use a dropper with liquid vitamin C before feeding time. Baby's stools will be a slightly greenish colour when vitamin C saturation has been reached. Throttle back on the dose until stools are normal and then continue with that dose. 

Should your child react to a vaccine the best treatment is once again really high dose vitamin C and also letting the child lie in a bath of tepid water. It's all about expelling toxins. You can not do any harm to your child with even very high doses of vitamin C.

Vitamin C - the essential winter vitamin

There is a good reason why our creator made citrus fruits available to us in winter. If only we could eat enough oranges and lemons to guarantee us immunity from colds and flu. Humans do not produce their own vitamin C as animals do, so we need to get it from C-rich foods and supplements. Vitamin C doesn't only protect us from colds though. It is probably the most versatile vitamin out:

  • It is also a powerful antioxidant that protects the body against free-radical damage linked to accelerated aging and cancer.
  • As nature's own antihistamine, it helps to reduce allergies.
  • It supports our immune system against infections of all kinds, not only colds and flu.
  • It plays a role in collagen production, which is important for our skin, bones, joints, and gums, to name a few.
  • It promotes healing and repair in the body.
  • It helps to support our cardiovascular system by strengthening our blood vessel walls, protecting cholesterol against oxidation and helping to normalise our blood pressure.
  • Our adrenal glands need plenty of vitamin C so as to function optimally.
  • It plays a role in detoxification. (that's why it's recommended pre and post vaccination and surgery)

I could go on ad nauseum but will stop at reminding you that the buffered form of vitamin C is gentler on the stomach than ascorbic acidic. It also stays in the body longer whereas ascorbic acid is soon excreted in the urine. Our offering of non-acidic vitamin C supplements are highlighted on the attached product list.

This Month's Special

See Yourself Well Omega-3 1000 - 150 softgels 

A reminder that you have only a few days left to take up this offer. Don't miss out.SYW Omega 3 1000  

Normal Price: R455

Until 30 June: R375

EPA 300mg, DHA 200mg per softgel

IFOS 5 Star rating

Expiry Date: Feb 2020

Read more about this product here.

Thermal Screening comes to the Eastern Cape!

We ladies in the Eastern Cape are always whining about not having a clinic that offers thermography, which is a much less invasive and painless, yet more efficient, screening method for breast cancer than mammography. The good news is that the clinicians are coming to us - but don't waste time as they'll be here for 2 days only and it's this week - 24 and 25th June at Organic Heart, 96 da Gama St, Jeffreys Bay. You can call Melinda on 082 377 3830 to make an appointment.Please see the attached document which tells you all you need to know about the actual procedure. Those of you not in the Eastern Cape may want to contact them to find a clinic closest to you. 

Immune Defense Summit

Seems I think you have all the time in the world to sit in front of your pc watching webinars, but if you can spare some time then this summit, which runs for the whole of the last week of July, should be well worth listening to. Click here to register: The Immune Defense Summit.


Although I can think of so much more health news I'd like to share with you, I also do need to know when to stop...haha. Did I hear a sigh of relief? So that's it for now and until we chat again keep warm and cosy and above all, safe.

Latest product list attached. Take note of the special on Maximised Turmeric (this batch expires in Oct 2017) but don't let the grass grow under your feet as stocks are running out fast.

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