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August 2017

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

Spring is just around the corner now so it's detox time folks! That is why I'm so excited to tell you about my latest discovery. There are many habits and environmental factors that take their toll on the liver, including alcohol, processed foods, certain medications and pollution. Detoxification is one of the main purposes of your liver. It’s the body’s filtering system, working to filter the blood after it exits the digestive system and before it moves on to the rest of the body. When your liver is out of whack your whole body will suffer. It is very difficult to shed the weight gained over Winter if your liver isn't working as it should. An occassional liver detox can do wonders for your total body health and there is no time like the present, before Spring arrives! And the best news is that now you can do it in the most super-delicious way, without even knowing you're detoxing, thanks to.... 

Natural Vibrance's Liverflush Detox Teadetox tea

This tea consists of a blend of 13 carefully selected ingredients that support normal liver function, while assisting your liver to eliminate toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and other impurities from the blood. The real bonus is that it tastes so good that it has replaced normal tea in our household. And since the liver works hardest at night it's also our favourite beverage to have before bedtime.

A clever touch to the mix is the addition of ginger root which not only gives it a slightly spicy bite but it also reduces the nausea that might accompany liver cleansing. But the favourite flavour that comes out is that of liquorice root and anise seed, both with great liver-health benefits. Then there are peppermint leaves which improve digestion and stimulate bile flow, and together with the linseeds, promotes healthy bowel movements. Fennel as a natural diuretic, increases healthy urine flow (believe me you will wear the carpet out going to the bathroom!) thus reducing water retention and helping with weight loss. This blood cleanser may also improve kidney function and prevent kidney stones.  Finally fenugreek seeds help to increase levels of antioxidant enzymes in the liver that protect the liver from alcohol-induced damage and other liver diseases.

Can you expect detox symptoms? Ken and I both woke up with headaches on the first 3 mornings. However, I always rejoice when I experience detox symptoms because then I know I needed a detox and it is working! Remember, the worse you feel the more you needed it! Other symptoms you may experience if drinking more than 4 cups a day of this tea to really flush out the liver, are lethargy, temporary muscle aches, mucous discharge, flu-like symptoms, irritability and weakness, but this tea is a gentle detox aid so you're not likely to experience anything too drastic, and after a few days you'll feel amazing. 

During a liver flush like this though it is important to remember to also drink LOTS of water. It is vital that your lymph is kept clear during detox. 

If you wish to speed up the process or feel you need more, you can add a liver detox supplement such Enzyme Process Liverchol, Aim Herbal Release or the Willow Liver Detox.(note the latter is now half price due to expiry date reached.)

So my favourite new beverage has been added to my product offerings. Look under Miscellaneous on the product list attached

So what can we do to prevent colorectal cancer?

What I wrote about colorectal cancer and antibiotics last month elicited a healthy response from readers, with questions about how else one can protect oneself from this cancer which sadly is not only affecting the over 50s as in the past, as more and more young people are being diagnosed. Colorectal cancer is a slow-growing cancer that can be present for up to five years before symptoms start to appear. Even then, when symptoms do eventually appear, they are sometimes so insignificant that they’re often ignored. Common symptoms include changes in bowel habits; blood in the stool; cramps, bloating or pain in the abdomen or rectum; unexplained weight loss, and the feeling of not having properly emptied one’s bowel after a bowel motion. (Please know that if you are experiencing any of these symptoms it does not necessarily mean you have colorectal cancer. They are symptoms for numerous other treatable disorders too, so no panicking please).

Back to prevention: firstly we need to avoid, where possible, all the evils that upset our gut microbiome such as antibiotics, Triclosan, meat produced in feedlots and factories, as well as medications such as proton pump inhibitors that change the pH of the gut. People at higher risk of developing colorectal cancer are those who do no exercise, drink too much alcohol, eat too much animal fat and too little fibre, smokers, Type 2 diabetics who do not control their sugar levels adequately, and those who are overweight or stressed.bearpawgarlic

Help from diet and supplements can be achieved by eating more fibre-rich foods and raw garlic and ginger are known to be protective. If you are not crazy about putting lots of garlic in your food, then Aim's Bear Paw Garlic is a powerful supplement that also does not leave you with garlic breath. Taking a good quality omega-3 fish oil supplement will also keep the bowel lining healthy.

Needless to say common sugar consumption appears to be a driving force, whether it be by increasing inflammation or indirectly through yeast infections and changing the microbiome.  Cut it out! No one needs sugar.

Interestingly, people with lowered plasma levels of vitamin D develop more colorectal cancers so there we have another good reason to ensure good intake whether via the sun or supplements.

Diverticulitis protocol

My apologies for appearing to be preoccupied with the colon this month but it's just been a crazy past few weeks where I seem to have been swamped with queries as to how to deal with various disorders affecting this area, confirming that such conditions are becoming more and more prevalent. No prizes for guessing that this probably has much to do with our refined foods and all the nasty chemicals we are involuntarily ingesting.

Diverticulitis is a condition where pouches in the wall of the colon become inflamed or infected, causing excruciating pain in some sufferers, usually on the lower left side of the abdomen. It is usually treated by doctors with antibiotics and a liquid diet, however in most patients it is recurrent.Turmeric 46x

A protocol worth trying is to take one Vibrant Health Turmeric 46x capsule twice daily for 3 weeks and then increase this to two capsules twice a day for another 3 weeks. This will kill off foreign intestinal bacteria, fungi and parasites and inhibit their growth. All the time drink PLENTY of purified water. Then slowly repopulate the bowel with the right probiotics by starting with small quantities of Green Vibrance powder, and building up very slowly over a couple of months to a scoop a day. Re-seeding the colon with friendly flora will also increase the absorption of micronutrients found in Green Vibrance. The fibre provided speeds up transit time in the gut thus reducing putrefication and bacterial breeding grounds, as well as reabsorption of toxins. The digestive enzymes in Green Vibrance will help breakdown food entering the digestive system more effectively, increase absorption and leave less undigested waste matter to settle in the pouches.

Following this protocol while drinking plenty of water and increasing fibre in the diet with whole grains, vegetables and fruit, should give the bowel a chance to heal and hopefully prevent recurrence. 

Spring Specials

Don't miss out on these two offers valid until 30 September:Life Support

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Till we chat again, enjoy the the many changes around you that herald the advent of Spring, but gardeners beware of that late frost that likes to surprise us come September!.

Note that the Silver products that I import from the US are back on the product list. See under Miscellaneous. In next month's newsletter I'll remind you how much more powerful these are than ordinary colloidal silver. They are unaobtainable anywhere else in South Africa.

I'll also tell you more about the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil that I have added to my product offering.

Till soon, take care. 

Lynne Brown

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