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September 2017

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

Spring has arrived and judging by all the orders I got for the fabulous Liverflush Detox Tea, many of you will by now have spring-cleaned your bodies too! I bet you're enjoying this tea as a daily beverage now. Do let me know your thoughts.

In spite of this awful drought that has affected large parts of our country I do hope you are at least able to enjoy some flowers that Mother Nature miraculously provides in spite of no rain. My heart goes out to those of you in the Western Cape whose gardens are not what they used to be, and to the farmers, especially in the Northern Cape, who have suffered huge losses. We're not looking good in rural Eastern Cape either but live in hope that we may still get rain as our "traditional" (if there is still such a thing) rainy season has only just begun.

Have you flushed your lymphatic drains lately?

In my discussion last month about the Liverflush detox tea, I mentioned that it is important to keep the lymphatic system clear while detoxing. You can compare the lymphatic system with the drains in your house. It is the biggest drain you have in your body and can often be clogged for years without you even realizing it. Leaving it this way too long forces you to adapt to a sea of toxins residing in your body that stress and weaken your immunity and alter important pathways of detoxification.

Poor lymph drainage underlies a host of conditions from cellulite to cancer. If you should follow a detox protocol for your liver without unclogging the drain first you could be looking for trouble. Dehydration is one of the main reasons for lymph congestion, that is why drinking enough water is so important.HerbalRelease

Top of the list of lymph-moving foods is beetroot, so eat it or juice it or whatever, but do make beets a regular in your diet. The chlorophyll in green vegetables is also highly beneficial. A few minutes a few times a day on a rebounder will also do wonders to get the lymph fluids moving. Alternatively go for frequent brisk walks, because when your muscles move they effectively massage the lymph system - and sitting on your butt all day ain't gonna move anything! Lymph drainage massages, if you can indulge in such luxuries, are also highly supportive.

My favourite supplement for this purpose is Aim's Herbal Release. A seven day course a few times a year works well.

Some of the signs that your lymphatic system may be congested: 

  • Rings get tight on fingers
  • Sinus infections
  • Soreness and/or stiffness in the morning
  • Fatigue
  • Bloating/water retention
  • Skin problems - dry or itchy, rash, acne
  • Weight gain and extra belly fat
  • Swollen lymph glands
  • Low immunity- increased cold and flu infections
  • Brain fog
  • Breast swelling or soreness with each cycle
  • Food sensitivities
  • Mild headaches
  • Elevated histamine and irritation due to common environmental allergens
  • Digestive issues, constipation, diarrhea, mucous in stools.

Oh gosh I could tick off a few. What about you?

Prevention and treatment of Alzheimers with Coconut Oil

AO Coconut oil 1

I have covered this in one of my previous newsletters so now I'm thrilled to be able to update you with the encouraging news that the trials are ongoing and the results very promising. I look forward to the results of the current clinical trial expected to conclude later this year. Read about it here: Can MCT oil prevent or reverse Alzheimers Disease?

I add a tablespoon of coconut oil to our smoothies every morning but for this purpose would definitely only recommend virgin, organic oil. This is why I have decided to keep the one that I truly trust in stock now. Find Absolute Organix Coconut Oil under Miscellaneous in the attached product list. City-dwellers should find this brand in stores such as Wellness Warehouse or Dischem. I only order the 1 litre bottles because it makes economical sense and lasts for ages.

For cooking I use less expensive brands available in chain stores however you still need to be discerning. Very cheap can be very nasty. Remember coconut oil is cholesterol-free  and remains stable at high temperatures so it is a really good choice for cooking. 

Why mammography screening is being abolished in Switzerland

This is a very interesting article and I hope all ladies will take the time to read it before we hit Breast Cancer Month and are all urged to go for our annual torture session.

Why mammography screening is being abolished in Switzerland

Mercola not only explains why Switzerland has decided to go the route of abolishing mammograms but also the additional risks of mammograms, for example, in women with denser breast tissue. He also gives excellent advice on what one can do to reduce your risk of getting breast cancer in the first place. I've always maintained that more emphasis and marketing needs to be placed on prevention during Breast Cancer Month, rather than money being spent on creating awareness by wrapping trees in pink cloth. Just my personal opinion of course and I don't mean to discount for one minute, the hard work put in by the Pink Trees ladies.


mammogram reminder 2

Thermal imaging is a whole lot safer than mammograms and by all accounts it appears to detect problems sooner. You'll find all you need to know on www.meditherm.com. Melinda du Toit from the Thermal Health Centre in Pretoria will be in the Eastern Cape this month:

  • Port Elizabeth - 21 Sept
  • Port Alfred - 22 Sept
  • Jeffreys Bay - 23 Sept.

Call her on 082 377 3830 or email thermalhealthcentre@gmail.com to make an appointment or to find out when she will be in your area.

Weighty Concerns for Cancer

This article appeared in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and I thought it worth passing on:

Cancer Research UK warns that obesity puts a woman at 40% increased risk of developing at least seven types of cancer – including bowel, post-menopausal breast, gallbladder, womb, kidney, pancreatic and esophageal cancer. Julie Sharp, of Cancer Research UK, urges: "Lifestyle changes - like not smoking, keeping a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet and cutting back on alcohol - are the big opportunities for us all to personally reduce our cancer risk. Making these changes is not a guarantee against cancer, but it stacks the odds in our favour."

Silver products are back

Silver gel and solnDue to numerous requests (and my own wish list) I have once again brought in the very effective Silver Biotics products patented by American Biotech Labs. They are useful to speedily treat bacterial, viral and fungal infections, including but not limited to sore throat, ear infection, gastrointestinal disorders, food poisoning, shingles, herpes, pneumonia, prostatitis and you name it. The solution can also be used to treat water contaminated with viruses or bacteria. Anti-fungal properties result when positively charged silver ions bind to DNA, preventing replication, thus stopping the fungus from growing. Non-toxic at high doses (I promise you won't turn blue), the advantage of Silver Biotics over traditional antibiotic treatment, is that silver does not induce bacterial resistance and is effective against antibiotic resistant strains. 

Traditional colloidal silver products are not to be discounted however because they do indeed provide countless health benefits and are very effective against mild infections. But just like any new discovery, as technology and science advances, we find more efficient and effective ways to design and engineer products. The Silversol Technology produces nano silver particles that are more stable and bioavailable than other forms of silver and are invaluable in more resistant cases of infection.

Spring Specials

In conclusion, a quick reminder about these two offers valid until 30 September:Life Support

Life Support Omega-3 150 softgels

Normal price: R395

Special price for ONE: R350

For TWO: R670.

  • enteric coated
  • no fishy after taste
  • IFOS 5* rating for safety and purity
  • Expires Feb 2020


See Yourself Well Coenzyme Q10 - 60 softgelsCoQ10 198x378

100mg CoQ10 per softgel

Normal price : R380

Special price for ONE: R340

For TWO:  R650

Expire Jan 2019

Shipping for all orders below R2000: R75

Very important notice

I don't go away often but sure as God made little green apples, as soon as I do sneak off I'll get urgent requests for some or other supplement. From Thursday 14th September until Friday 22nd September, Ken and I will be on a road trip, and I'm not going to be able to send out any orders in that time. So if you think you may be get constipated, or pregnant, or depressed, or break a toe, or get a cold or an itch, or piles or whatever, in that time please do place your order before I leave...haha.

Email lynne@orchardsnutrition.co.za for a price list.

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Till we chat again next month be happy and healthy.

Lynne Brown

Nutritional Therapist (BSc (Hons) HDE, Dip Clin Nutr)
The Orchards Nutrition Centre - Somerset East
Tel: 042 243 0339
Cell: 084 531 0786
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