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November 2017

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

I don't know if you noticed but the month of October went AWOL! Or perhaps I was having too much fun gardening and holidaying to notice it flying by. The past few weeks have been enjoyably eventful and I'm afraid I never got my usual monthly newsletter out. You missed it didn't you? Ja ja, pull the other one...haha.

I'll make it up to you by keeping this newsletter short and offering some welcome specials.

Now this is what I call LIVING foodsprouting liverflush tea

One of my readers kindly sent me this image of the used Liver Flush Tea that she was accumulating to throw on her compost heap. As you can see the seeds had started to sprout! One could no doubt use these sprouts on your salads if you so wish. This is a sign that the ingredients in this tea are truly alive and unlike processed foods, not tampered with or turned into non-foods. 

Could sunscreen be causing cancer?

I urge you not to go into summer uninformed, especially parents who are lathering their children with sunscreen, thinking they're doing it in the best interests of their child. A good start would be to read this highly informative article: How sunscreen could be causing skin cancer, not the sun

Of particular importance is the research the author reports on that has been done on Oxybenzone and Retinyl Palmitate, both common ingredients in regular sunscreen.AO Coconut oil 1

What I most like about the article is that suggestions of safe alternatives are offered, one of them being plain old coconut oil. For this I would still go as far as using virgin and organic coconut oil for absolute peace of mind that you or your child are not absorbing any possible toxins. Still so much cheaper than sunscreen. See attached product list.

Vitamin D - Stroke Link

Here is even more reason not to block your vitamin D intake from the sun. Low vitamin D has been associated in past studies with neurovascular injury (damage to the major blood vessels supplying the brain, brainstem, and upper spinal cord). Nils Henninger, from University of Massachusetts Medical School (Massachusetts, USA), and colleagues studied 96 stroke patients, assessing their blood levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (a marker of vitamin D status). Stroke patients who had low vitamin D levels (less than 30 ng/mL) showed two-times larger areas of dead tissue resulting from obstruction of the blood supply compared to patients with normal vitamin D levels. Further, for each 10 ng/mL reduction in vitamin D level, the chance for healthy recovery in the three months following stroke decreased by almost half, regardless of the patient's age or initial stroke severity.

Conclusion:  Keep your D levels above 50 ng/mL as preventative. 

This month's specials - ending 30 November

Firstly on delivery charges. Normally only free for orders over R2000 but until the end of November you only need to spend R450 to get free delivery! Yes I have lost my marbles but I'm sure it's only temporary....

See Yourself Well Omega-3 1000 - 150 softgelsSYW Omega 3 1000

I'm knocking R55 off this one so you pay only R400 until 30 November.

This is an all-purpose omega-3 suitable for adults, children, pregnant women, students and anyone wishing to maintain optimum brain health, well that makes just about everyone....surely?

Read more about this supplement here

Enzyme Process Adrenucleo - 100 Tablets Adrenucleo

As we scream towards the end of the year, emotional and physical burnout is almost inevitable for many people. This is my "go-to" supplement at this time of the year and, although a bit late to mention this now, my favourite to recommend to students writing exams.

Adrenal gland support is vital in times of stress and Vitamin C plays a vital role here. Adrenucleo is formulated to increase the absorption of vitamin C into the adrenal glands. It also contains the range of B vitamins essential for reducing stress and bovine adrenal gland which will speed up recovery time. Included chromium helps to balance blood sugar levels, thus increasing stamina, and may help with weight loss and increased stamina.

Get your Adrenucleo before the end of November at the reduced price of R390.

Wondering if your adrenals could do with some help? Some of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue are, difficulty getting up in the mornings. dizziness especially when standing up or getting out of a hot bath, lethargy, apathy, lack of energy, irritability, difficulty to perform daily tasks, sleep disturbances, weight gain, dry and thin skin, to mention a few.  

This month's not-so-good newsOmega 3 1200 300 count

My latest shipment of See Yourself Well Omega-3 1200 - 400mgEPA, 200mg DHA softgels coincided with a horrific increase in the Rand/Canadian dollar exchange rate and I have no choice but to increase prices of both the 150 and 300 softgel sizes by 10% as of 1 December. So if this is your favourite omega-3 supplement perhaps it would be a good idea to order before the increase.

I always do my best to absorb increases in exchange rates and have religiously done so over the years, but since April this year the R/CAD exchange rate has gone up from R9.33 to the R11.34 I had to pay now. I'm sure you will understand that there is a limit to what I can absorb. From time to time rates do improve of course, and I will make sure that you benefit when they do.

The Holidays

I'll be home throughout  the festive season so able to take any 11th hour orders, however do remember my suppliers all close from about mid-December so if I haven't got your supplement in stock I won't be able to assist you until after the first week in January.

In case December goes AWOL too, let me play it safe and wish you and yours a most wonderful festive season. Enjoy the merriest of Christmases and happiest of New Years, and if you're travelling anywhere, be safe.

Latest product list attached and don't forget free delivery for orders over R450.


Lynne Brown

Nutritional Therapist (BSc (Hons) HDE, Dip Clin Nutr)
The Orchards Nutrition Centre - Somerset East
Tel: 042 243 0339
Cell: 084 531 0786
Email: lynne@orchardsnutrition.co.za

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