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February 2018

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

What an upside down month it has been on the political front in South Africa, with sweeping changes dominating our landscape. There can be no denying that a more positive vibe is evident throughout our land and amongst all races. It was time for change for sure.

Now we can only hope the rain patterns will change too and the drought will break everywhere as it has hopefully done in our neck of the woods in the Eastern Cape. The soft soaking rain we experienced over the last week has bouyed our spirits and I believe we can expect some more this weekend. Cape Town and Port Elizabeth and others, your turn is coming. Hang in there!

Revisiting the Broken Brain DocuSeries

Wow, what an eye-opening, mind-boggling docuseries it was! I do hope you got to watch some, if not all, of it. I thought the most important take-home fact was the confirmation by many of the experts that most problems in the brain originate in the gut. The gut-brain connection is not a fallacy folks. Improving the microbiome in the gut will improve the brain. We also learnt that our microbiome is adversely affected by our toxic environment, nutrient-depleted diets and unrelenting stress, thus causing our brains to deteriorate a little every day, unless we do something to stop it.

Unfortunately much of the food available to us today has been so adulterated and processed we green leafy vegcan hardly call it food. In the series many experts reminded us how these "frankenfoods" can create mood disorders and other brain problems, and can also make one feel anxious, irritable, jittery, fearful and even depressed. As such we were encouraged to eat whole, organic foods, prepared at home, whenever possible. Anti-oxidant rich foods also play a huge role so we need lots of fresh and colourful veggies and fruits. Good fats are important when it comes to brain health, so lots of nuts and seeds, coconut oil, olive oil and of course fish oil. 

In a nutshell, what emerged from this series is that we can all slash our risk for Alzheimer's Disease and other brain disorders with a healthy diet, supplements and brain-boosting lifestyle activities. On the other hand, various habits are linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer's etc, such as smoking, eating processed foods and environmental factors like repeated exposure to toxic chemicals. 

When it came to advising us on brain boosting supplements we were reminded time and again just how important the essential fatty acids in omega-3 fish oil are for the brain. All our omega-3 supplements, See Yourself Well and Life Support, have high concentrations of these EFAs in each softgel. You will be hard-pressed to find another IFOS 5-Star-rated fish oil supplement to touch them. After all the affirmation we got in the series I am more convinced than ever that every one of us needs to be taking an omega-3 supplement. I have always maintained that if you tell me you can only afford one supplement, omega-3 will be that one. So in light of this and to make one of our prized See Yourself Well Omega-3 supplement more accessible to more readers I am running the omega-3 special below. However many other supplements were discussed in the series, amongst them CoQ10 and Vitamin D, two supplements that I also call non-negotiable. So you may want to go for our Brain Boosting Trio Special instead.

"Reduce your risk of cognitive decline" Specials

Both these specials are only available until 9 March so be sure not to miss out. Delivery for orders less than R2000 is R75.

1. "Omega-3" Special

You get See Yourself Well Omega-3 1000 - 150 softgels

Each softgel contains 300mg EPA and 200mg DHA.

SYW Omegas 1000

Normal price R455

Until 9 March 2018:

R400 for ONE unit

R750 for TWO units

Read more about this supplement here.

The Alzheimers Association has concluded that a healthy daily dose of fish oil will reduce the risk of Alzheimers and dementia.


2. The "Brain-Boosting Trio" Special

You get

1 x See Yourself Well Omega-3 1000 - 150 softgels

1 x See Yourself Well Coenzyme Q10 - 60 softgels 

1 x Xymogen Vitamin D3 5000IU - 90 softgels

Normally R1025 for the Trio

Until 9 March 2018 you get the Trio for R915

Brain Boosting Trio

Fish oils are helpful for Alzheimer's sufferers and also play a critical role in prevention. The literature on this topic has no bounds and extends back into the 90s.
CoQ10 is used extensively to treat Alzheimer's Disease as it slows down progression of cognitive decline. It has also been shown to help significantly with Parkinson's Disease. First prize, of course, would be to use it as a preventative for both these degenerative diseases. Read more about See Yourself Well CoQ10 here.

A wealth of scientific studies have confirmed that vitamin D deficiency is strongly linked to a higher risk of cognitive impairment. A simple blood test will tell you if you're low. The optimal level to guard against cognitive decline is above 75ng/ml. 

Did you miss the Broken Brain Docuseries?

No problem. No need to go kicking yourself. There is another one starting 1 March which promises to be just as good. So if you want to know how to make your brain better register here and now for the Regain Your Brain series.

Baby not sleeping through?

There is nothing that wears moms and dads down more than a baby that cannot sleep through the night. A possible and very simple solution could be good old lavender oil. A few drops in Baby's bath or alternatively add a few drops to their normal baby cream and massage into the body after bath time. Or 20 minutes before bedtime gently rub just a drop or two on wrists, spine, neck or feet. Worth a try. Good luck!

Can I do Cannabis?

cannabis leaf

I often get asked my opinion on the current medicinal cannabis hype, and because of my own interest in this plant, I have spent many hours watching the Sacred Plant docuseries and reading everything about this plant and its uses that I can lay my hands on. This does not make me an expert of course, however I have to confess, I am fascinated.

I don't believe it's the panacea for all health conditions or disorders as some like to claim, and I'm pretty sure it's not for everyone either. However, by all accounts, the discovery of the endocannabinoid system is the biggest breakthrough in medicine and the understanding of human physiology in a long while. Sadly this inherent bodily system is still not being taught in medical school, even though it is now recognised that the endocannabinoid system regulates almost all physiological processes in the body. This is why it can be helpful for so many conditions such as insomnia, nausea, vomiting, pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, arthritis, memory loss, diabetes, neurological conditions, you name it. The whole purpose of our endogenous cannabinoid system is to keep us in balance. We have receptors in the brain for cannabinoids! There is a cannabinoid that we make within our bodies just like the plant does! There's a cannabinoid receptor in our immune system!medical cannabis tincture

Cannabis products come in various strains as well as forms: black oil, tinctures, creams, vapes, cookies etc. Are they available in SA? Yes, you just have to know where, and there are many dodgy operators out there so, consumer beware! Some of the black tar-looking oil that some companies sell look as though they could be very toxic. Tinctures of cannabinoids in MCT oil look like a safer bet. If you want to know more, a good starting point would be the Medical Cannabis Dispensary website. There you will find information on the different types of cananbinoids such as THC and CBD and guidelines as to which to use for which condition.

There is plenty of evidence that cannabis does have medical value so don't let anyone tell you there is no scientific proof. Look up cannabis or cannabinoids (not marijuana) and you will discover there is a wealth of research going on worldwide and papers coming out daily. Research on cannabinoids' anti cancer, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-convulsant, antibacterial, anti-viral, appetite stimulating, anti-emetic (nausea and vomiting especially in chemo patients) properties abound. Here is a study that has just arrived in my inbox while writing this newsletter: Medical cannabis superior to opioids for chronic pain. The fresh leaves are also a good food source, providing basic building blocks as a healthy dietary supplement when juiced. 

Is it safe? Certainly safer than most pharmaceutical drugs, especially when I hear of some patients taking 5 or more drugs at a time! Multiple medications together can be so dangerous and have resulted in many deaths. On the other hand, there is not a single report of a cannabis related death. Personally if I needed to go on medication to treat some illness I'd rather start with cannabis. 

But remember it is not a cure-all. And watch out for the "green rush" - people who are only in it for the money. Sadly we're also going to have to watch out for GMO cannabis too as Monsanto has revealed its interest in taking over the cannabis industry. What did we expect?

If you'd like to know more and register for the Sacred Plant series which is free, playing now and is replayed from time to time visit thesacredplant.com. They also recommend a book by Clint Werner called "Marijuana Gateway to Health". 

On that high note let me call it a day....haha.

Cannabis cartoon


Latest product list attached and I look forward to hearing from you. Don't forget about the brain boosting specials mentioned above. And oh yes, in view of excise tax going up on cigarettes soon I have extended the discount on Vice Breaker until 28 February. 

We'll chat again soon.


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