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APRIL 2013

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

I hope you enjoyed the Thai Green Chilli Paste recipe in last month's newsletter. Now for the aubergine recipe I promised.  You can use it as a side dish with some equally spicy main but I enjoy a vegetarian day at least once a week and find this dish goes well with basmati rice.

Aubergine and Carrot Smoor

10ml butter, 10ml oil, 1 onion thinly sliced, ½ green chilli chopped finely, 5ml freshly ground cumin, 5ml freshly ground  coriander, 2 carrots coarsely grated, 1 aubergine cubed, 1 cup frozen peas .
Braise onions, add spices, then carrots and brinjals.  Cook 15 mins till veg tender.
Add peas and heat through. Season.
Use only young, firm aubergines.

The low carb-high fat diet

Ever since the controversy caused in early 2012 when Professor Tim Noakes suggested “high carbohydrate with low fat” diets are dangerous, the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet has become a buzzword in health circles. When I first looked at it I assumed it was simply a revamp of the Low Glycemic Load Diet advocated by Patrick Holford and many nutritional therapists not only for weight loss but as a healthy way of eating for all, however it does have a few differences.

There are variations on the LCHF diet, also referred to as the “Paleo” diet or the “Low Carb High Protein” diet but the emphasis is always on eating foods in their natural state and involves eating more protein and fat. This is in huge contrast to the Western diet adopted by most South Africans, which is awash with refined carbohydrates in the form of sugar and fructose containing foods and refined grains. Add to this trans fatty acids, processed oils and margarine and we can stop wondering why South Africans are suffering from massive increases in obesity and a range of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Basically the LCHF diet is about avoiding sugar and starchy foods (like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes).  Eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables (preferably those growing above ground but include sweet potatoes) and natural fats (like butter, olive oil, coconut oil and nut oils).

So why is Tim Noakes coming under fire from cardiologists, endocrinologists and dieticians? Well mostly it's the high fat part of the diet they are not comfortable with and claim there is no long-term scientific evidence for the safety and efficacy of a high fat diet to maintain a normal lipid profile. I must say I am also concerned when I hear Prof Noakes talking about a 60% fat diet and I worry that this information gets into the wrong hands. You see without guidance some people may think this means they can eat more of that charred fat on the chops that they braai, when actually the fat I would hope Professor Noakes is talking about is the natural fat within the flesh of lean meats, red or white, and the omega fats in fish.

And ideally, the animals from which the eggs and meat come are fed a natural free-range diet. That is, chickens have access to greens, insects, etc, as well as grain and cattle eat grass and other pasture greenery, not grain. Grass fed meat has fewer calories per weight and more omega 3 fatty acids. Fish should come from the wild, or at least be fed what wild fish eat.

Furthermore I’ve heard people say you cut out carbs altogether. Alarm bells ring. You do not do this! Your carbs will come from the vegetables which you simply MUST include. But definitely exclude refined carbs. So what worries me most is that the diet is open to misinterpretation and I would feel a lot better if people using it would do so under the guidance of a health practitioner.

If you can spare an hour or so to watch the debate between Tim Noakes and Dr Jacques Rossouw, here is the link: Tim Noakes UCT Faculty of Health Sciences Centenary Debate. Be sure to watch Dr Rossouw’s arguments too, so that you can make an informed decision.

Moderation in everything, I say.

The dangerous trio

What I do like about the LCHF diet is that you have to avoid processed foods, and that is great!. Sadly, in the quest to produce today’s processed foods, the primary considerations of the manufacturer are taste, mouth-feel, appearance, shelf life and profit. The nutritional value of the product and the effect it will have on the health of the consumer is of no importance.

If you want to know the darkest secrets of the food industry I suggest you get hold of a book called “Salt Sugar Fat” by Pulitzer prize-winner, Michael Moss. He reveals how companies use this trio of additives to seduce us into becoming addicts. For example, food scientists use cutting-edge technology to calculate the "bliss point" (that point where we most like the sweetness) of sugary beverages or enhance the "mouth-feel" of fat by manipulating its chemical structure. The industry itself would cease to exist without salt, sugar, and fat. Companies refer to their most ardent customers, who are addicted to this seductive trio, as “heavy users”. They know very well that an addiction to refined carbohydrates is comparable to an addiction to cigarettes, drugs or alcohol, and can kill. To find out just how evil they are take a look at this article “The extraordinary science of addictive junk food" .

Hopefully there will be a day of reckoning if the industry does not change its ways.  But as mothers and fathers, WE have the ability to make those changes in our own homes, if not for ourselves, then at least for our children and grandchildren. We need to stop supporting industrial giants, who have no interest in our health and well being, and rather spend on good foods that will pay us back in good health and a legacy of health for our families.

Seems Coca-Cola wants us to believe that chairs are responsible for the obesity epidemic rather than drinking sugar all day. Take a look:

Product of the Month - Maximized Curcuminoids

Maximised CurcuminoidsThere are not many health conditions that this amazing product will not benefit. If the condition has anything to do with inflammation anywhere in the body or bacterial or fungal infections of any kind, then Maximized Curciminoids is the most likely solution.  Because not only are curcuminoids powerful anti-oxidants, they are also excellent anti-inflammatories for all inflammation, pain and swelling as well as very effective anti-fungal agents and as such can be considered as an anti-cancer agent. This is because cancer cells are anaerobic, fungal like cells.

Curcuminoids have traditionally been used to support digestive & intestinal health, liver function, cancer prevention, environmental protection, skin health & anti-aging, post-surgical recovery and  the urinary tract.

Being such a powerful anti-oxidant, curcuminoids help lower Cholesterol levels by blocking the oxidization of fats. They also benefit the gastrointestinal tract as they inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and intestinal parasites, treating G.I. infections, Candida and all parasites. As mentioned in my March newsletter it wipes out an H.Pylori infection better than any other antibacterial. It is also very effective against Ulcerative Colitis but in this case, as with all chronic disorders, should be used under a health practitioners supervision as the dosage is important.
When combined with D3, Curcuminoids helps with Alzheimer’s by stimulating the immune system and clearing the “gunk” that forms damaging plaques in the brain.

The benefits are too numerous to mention here so rather take your specific health challenge to a health practitioner familiar with the use of this product to get the correct protocol and dosages. When I looked at the list of conditions that can be treated with Maximized Curciminoids I decided I need to be on this product for a few months as I was able to tick no less than 18 health challenges that I am aware that I experience to a greater or lesser extent.

Thanks Natural Vibrance for another excellent product!
Please note: Not recommended when pregnant - may cause uterine contractions

Treating Candida with Maximized Curcuminoids

Candida albicans is often as a consequence of repeated use of antibiotics. Candida increases with Corticosteroids, anti-ulcer drugs, oral contraceptives, lack of digestive juices, excess sugar & refined foods. If you can tick 50% of the following symptoms it is likely that you have a  candida infection: Acne, Anxiety, Bladder infections, Bloating, Colitis, Constipation, Crohn’s, Depression, Diarrhoea, Eczema, Fatigue, Food allergies, Food sensitivities, Fungal infections (feet & nails), Gas, Gingivitis, Headaches, IBS, Leaky gut, Menstrual irregularities & pain, Post nasal drip, Restlessness, Sinusitis, Unexplained weight gain etc.

The suggested treatment is as follows:
3 tablets in the morning and 3 tablets in the afternoon, for 10 days. Then 1 tablet 2 x a day for 5 months.

THIS WILL HELP ELIMINATE THE CANDIDA OVERGROWTH. Probiotics & nutrients (supplied in Green Vibrance) will re-establish & re-balance the gut.

Anal Fissures

This works well:

Clean with colloidal silver.

Apply healthy amount of coconut oil

Do this daily till properly healed.

Use Herbal Fibre Blend daily to keep stools soft.

Harvest time!

Remember the pic I showed you in my September 2012 newsletter of my 2 year old granddaughter,Emily  watermelon Emily, “hiding” (as she called it) the watermelon seeds in my veggie garden so that they could grow. Her efforts have  finally been rewarded and after what must have seemed llike an eternity to her, she was able to pop round and pick her first very own watermelon the other day. Not sure who got the most pleasure out of this momentous occasion, Emily or her Grandma?

On that happy note, enjoy the upcoming Autumn days. It just has to be my favourite season.
Updated product list attached.

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