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JULY 2013

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

My apologies for being quiet for so long. The short days in June caught me by surprise and somehow the month slipped by without me getting a newsletter out. Perhaps you didn't even notice?

Fish oil study blown out of the water

To start let’s get the elephant out of the room by addressing the question that is hanging on everyone’s lips (well those of you who haven’t already asked me). You probably heard how the media have pounced on and blown up news of a study suggesting a link between fish oil consumption and prostate cancer. Reaction has been vociferous and near-unanimous in condemning its methods and conclusions. Many well-respected experts on fish oil have done a very good job of trouncing this study, but of course this you would not have heard on Sky News. So amongst the plethora of rebuttals available I have chosen just two that ought to convince you that we should not get our health advice from Sky News or any other news channels for that matter, or newspapers and magazines that rely on advertisers to exist and therefore are naturally biased.
•    GOED response 
•    CRN response  (I’ve also sent this one as an attachment because there seems to be a problem with the link).

As you can see, this study must be interpreted with a significant degree of caution for a variety of reasons. It never ceases to amaze how just one study can cause such widespread scaremongering and panic. Nevermind the hundreds of studies done showing fish oil may be protective against prostate and breast cancer. Why aren't they the ones being touted by all the news outlets? For example, a study done this very year, in April, by the National Cancer Institute concluded: "Eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) intake was related to decreased risk of fatal prostate cancer”. But we never heard about that one, did we?

omega3So, acknowledging the broad range of health benefits that are almost universally accorded to omega-3 fatty acid consumption, it would be premature to discontinue taking omega-3 nutritional supplements on the basis of this one study fraught with flaws and inaccuracies. Gosh if I were in any doubt as to whether fish oil is a good idea for men, would I be giving my own husband 2-3 fish oil capsules daily? And yes I do love him to bits and would like to have him around for a good many years to come.
I hope I have put your mind at rest.



Please note:
There is some evidence that ‘salted’ or ‘smoked’ fish may increase the risk of advanced prostate cancer. So exercise caution and eat these foods in moderation.
Furthermore, poor quality fish oil supplements that may still have residues of heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs are NOT safe and that is why I only trust IFOS 5 star rated fish oils.

Now here is something we DO need to be afraid of:

Yaz and Yasmin deaths

The Pill is notorious for causing blood clots and young girls should not be taking it to control acne!

Latest news on GM foods

Ace-super-mielie-maize-mealI reported in the May newsletter about some Purity baby foods containing GM maize. If you subscribed to the African Centre for Biosafety newsletter as I suggested, you will know that, thanks to pressure put on by consumers, Tiger Brands have announced that they will seek out non-GM maize for all their Purity foods. This is a huge victory for consumer activism.   
Not resting on their laurels, the ACB sent in further samples of Tiger Brands products for testing that revealed the following: 

Ace super maize meal………………....78%GM maize content.                                                        Ace maize rice…….......................70% GM maize content.
Ace instant porridge…………..………..68% GM maize content.
Lion samp and beans……………..…...48% GM maize content.
Jungle B’fast energy cereal…………...41% GM maize content.

The first two represent the staple diet of many South Africans and those that can’t afford Purity foods are feeding this maize to their babies from the time they are weaned onto solids. Tiger Brands has already shown a willingness to listen to consumers and that they have started with the move away from GM maize is very encouraging.  I am passing on an appeal by the ACB that we encourage Tiger Brands to continue with this process until they have removed all ingredients sourced from GM sources across all their products.  Perhaps you could find a minute to write to Tiger Brands and congratulate them on their decision to source GM free maize for Purity and to ask that they do the same for all their other products as well:
For the attention of Martin Lind via his PA Melinda Potgieter
If you use a free email service like Gmail/Yahoo/Absamail then you need to use tigercsd@tigerbrands.com

Furthermore to support companies like Tiger Brands and FutureLife in their efforts to source GM free maize and soya, please write to the Minister of Agriculture asking that the department assist these companies and farmers by providing GM Free zones:
 Minister of Agriculture Ms Tina Joemat-Pettersson:

"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
~Thomas Jefferson, 1778

Coconut Oil as a facial cleanser

Sounds strange I know but remember oils dissolve oils, so this is a great cleanser for all skin types. Even OK for acne as it soothes and heals. Simply soften a teaspoon of coconut oil in your hands and then massage gently into your face. Place a warm wet facecloth over your face for 30 seconds and then gently wipe the coconut oil off with the face cloth. All make-up and grime will come off with it leaving your skin feeling cleansed and moisturised. Remaining oil is absorbed by the skin. Apply your usual moisturiser.

Digestive problems - reasons and remedies

Of all health challenges that a Nutritional Therapist may face when seeing patients, digestive problems are by far the most common. Even issues such as joint pain and recurring headaches usually have their roots in the gut. Fortunately embarrassing digestive problems such as gas, bloating, diarrhea and reflux can almost always be solved by replenishing living enzymes and beneficial bacteria in the gut that are depleted and destroyed by our modern diet and lifestyle.

As we get older our bodies produce fewer digestive enzymes which means our food and supplements aren't being fully digested. This lack of digestion can sap your energy and make you feel chronically fatigued because your hungry cells are being starved of nutrients. Apart from wasting money on expensive supplements and not benefiting as we should, this undigested residue is the breeding grounds for some nasty, disease-causing bacteria.

If we have an insufficient population of beneficial bacteria in our intestines, a condition called dysbiosis manifests. A sure sign that bad bacteria have gained the upper hand in your colon is when undigested remains putrefy, generating excess gas and bloating with either constipation or diarrhea, A deficiency of good probiotic bacteria can happen when we eat a less-than-perfect diet which includes sugar and processed foods. Bad bacteria THRIVE on sugar. We also know that antibiotics destroy all bacteria, good and bad, but the bad guys recover faster.

The first remedy would be a digestive enzyme supplement that delivers the full spectrum of enzymes: supplements such as Enzyme Process Digeszyme V or AIM’s Prepzymes.

Secondly you need to replenish good bacteria. Probiotic supplements help your body maintain an alkaline pH balance in your intestines so bad bacteria and problem-causing yeast can't grow. They also assist your body in digesting fibre-rich foods, while improving the absorption of important nutrients and essential fatty acids. They promote regularity, stop diarrhea and boost your immune system. However, choosing a good probiotic supplement is easy and there is a load of junky ones out there.

You see there are 500 different types of bacteria living in your gut – yet 99% of the total population comes from a few species that do most of the work. Each one makes its own distinct contribution to immune strength and digestive health and these are the ones that you need to ensure are in your probiotic supplement. Unfortunately, ordinary probiotic supplements contain only one or two species of probiotic bacteria, tops, and many of them don’t survive stomach acid.

This is one of the reasons I recommend Green Vibrance powder because not only does it containGreen Vibrance 60 days all the vitamins and minerals you need, it also has the full range of digestive enzymes and healthy populations of, amongst others, the most important bacteria species such as:
L. rhamnosus which acts like nourishing fertilizer for other good bacteria in the small intestine and is able to pass through harsh stomach acids intact. Clinical study published in the leading Journal Digestion confirmed L. rhamnosus reduced diarrhea attacks.
Bifidobacterium breve (or B. breve) is critical to end gas, diarrhea and bowel irritations and is vital for good colon health but you are unlikely to find it in ordinary probiotic supplements. B. breve travels all the way to your large intestine and your colon, where it blocks bad bacteria such as E coli that can cause inflammation and bowel irritation.
L. acidophilus is the workhorse of probiotic bacteria as it defends your digestive tract against a host of harmful pathogens. It conquers these bad bacteria by producing hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid for a healthy pH balance. "Research developed by a Nobel Prize winner indicates that increasing L. acidophilus in your digestive tract can help you live longer! It does this by increasing the absorption of critical nutrients such as Vitamin B, bone-building calcium, and heart-saving essential fatty acids".
Bifidobacterium longum (or B. longum), provides a double whammy. It boosts digestion by blocking the growth of bad bacteria and it boosts and strengthens your immune system.

All four of the above are included in the 12 dairy-free probiotic cultures in Green Vibrance and that is why Green Vibrance is a perfect all round remedy for digestive problems.

July Special - Celebrating CoQ10!

Still one of my favourite supplements, studies abound showing the benefits of  CoQ10 such as:

  • Increased stamina in athletesCoq10 bottle low res
  • Reduced fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Improved blood sugar in diabetics and non-diabetics
  • Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Resolved gingivitis
  • Improved energy levels
  • and much more.

To celebrate the wonders of CoQ10 I’m offering subscribers R50 off the normal price of R350 for 60 x 100mg See Yourself Well softgels but only until 31 July so you need to act fast if you don’t want to lose out. And remember if you know anyone taking cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) they need this supplement more than anyone!

New Silver Products

You are probably familiar with colloidal and ionic silver and their antibiotic and disinfectant properties. But far more powerful is a silver solution produced by a new technology called Silver Sol, which, in simple terms, is silver particles suspended in water creating a preparation that is thousands of times more effective than the colloidal and ionic silver preparations. You will find some of the silver products on the attached product list and I will tell you more about these next month.

Just to whet your appetite:

  • There is not a single pathogen that this solution cannot wipe out in a matter of minutes.
  • The only bacteria that are resistant to it are the probiotics
  • When doctors in Ghana used this silver preparation to treat resistant strains of malaria, all 50 patients showed no sign of blood parasites after 5 days of treatment.

Supplement prices

No matter what brand of supplements you buy, especially if they are imported, you will have noticed unprecedented adjustments in price lately. This is due to continuous weakening of our currency and increased shipping costs and, sadly, cannot be helped. Many stockists like myself are doing all we can to assist you by reducing our mark up. In return we would hope that you will not compromise on your health by resorting to “cheap and nasties” which may do you more harm than good.

"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have." ~
Fredrick Koeing

Till we chat again:

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