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May 2014

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

May just has to be the most beautiful month of the year.  It makes me want to announce some crazy specials which I shall do just now! But first I need to break the news to you that all this time you may have been doing the wrong type of exercise! This may smack of sour grapes because I am not, and never will be, a marathon runner, but it also makes a lot of sense – well to me anyway.

Burst Training

Seems the Paleo way of eating has taken the country by storm. But did you know that there is also a Paleo way of exercising? Our Paleolithic ancestors did not jog endlessly on treadmills or spend hours in the gym lifting weights! Apart from walking, exercise consisted mainly of brief bouts of running to catch animals they were hunting or running away from animals that wanted to eat them! Those brief, intense bouts of exertion served to expand heart and lung capacity, challenged and developed the strength of skeletal muscles and rapidly used blood glucose and glycogen stores. You may wonder how this is going to ‘burn fat’ which is what the ketogenic diet is all about, not so?

Nora Gedgaudas in her excellent book “Primal Body, Primal Mind”, explains it this way: You need to consider the message you send your body when you spend hours jogging on a treadmill or running a marathon. After about the first 20 minutes the body changes over from the predominant use of glucose to the predominant use of body fat, that “fat-burning mode” referred to as “the zone”. Your body soon realises it's going to be asked repeatedly to do this tedious and demanding thing that’s going to require a LOT of fat - and you're on a high carb diet!. So your body becomes more efficient at making this fuel available by converting everything you eat into fat, and burning it more efficiently and sparingly, so that it becomes harder to use up your stored fat. Hey, heaven forbid that you should fall off your exercise wagon! Your body’s energy stores will continue to prepare for the next marathon while you rapidly gain back whatever you may have lost and then some! Know anybody like this?

Furthermore, while plodding on the treadmill the message you are sending to your heart and lungs is that they don’t have to be stronger or more capable than what you are asking them to be and you could actually lose cardiopulmonary capacity and weaken your heart, according to proponents of the ketogenic diet for athletes. As Gedgaudas points out: Jim Fixx, founder of the jogging craze, is not the only long-distance runner to have dropped dead of a heart attack. Only 52-years-old, he paid a terrible price for his belief that he didn't have to pay much attention to nutrition, that exercise alone was sufficiently protective. An autopsy revealed that three of his coronary arteries were more than 70 percent blocked, and one was 99 percent obstructed. The real moral of Jim Fixx's tragic death is that while exercise is wonderful and necessary for a healthy life, it cannot make up for poor eating habits.


So how are we meant to exercise? Gedgaudas says: Limit intense exercise to no more than 20 minutes in duration, every second day, and focus on brief bouts of about 2 minutes of significant anaerobic exertion, interspersed with brief periods of recovery at a slower pace that is sufficient for a return to the resting heart rate. This can be done via sprinting, cycling, spinning, rowing and many other methods, even weightlifting. Then take a break for a day to recover. This, and not during exercise, is when you build strength and regenerate healthy tissue.


What if you wish to continue with long distance endurance stuff? Well then you need to look at your diet. Gedgaudas says the Paleo or Ketogenic Diet is the way to go. Fat and ketones are vastly better, more efficient, and longer lasting fuels for a marathon than carbohydrates. “Carb loading” is more than a myth; it’s a big, big mistake. A study by metabolic researcher Stephen D. Phinney titled “Ketogenic Diets and Physical Performance” demonstrated the superior effects of ketogenic diets on athletic performance and endurance once metabolic adaptation to burning fats as the primary source of fuel is in place. Our ketogenic cave-dwelling ancestors would probably have run circles around today’s most accomplished athletes and put their physical development to shame. There is no question they would have had superb endurance and would have been able to follow prey for miles and for days if necessary, running the prey to exhaustion.

So sorry if you've been on the wrong "track" all this time but hey, I'm just the messenger!


The “Tim Noakes” dietWoman on beach

If I could have a rand for all the times I’ve been asked what I think of the “Tim Noakes” diet, I’d be sipping Pina Colados on an exotic beach somewhere.

The upside of this diet: At least it’s getting everyone off the refined carbs! Hooray!!

The downside: This diet in the hands of people who have no knowledge of what a balanced diet is all about, becomes dangerous! Why do I say this?

1) Firstly some people on this diet are pigging out (excuse the pun) on bacon! No one is blaming them - they were told they can. But apart from the fact that you’d be very hard-pressed to find free-range, grass-fed bacon, (unless it came from one of the many pigs roaming the townships picking up - you don't want to know), it’s a processed food full of chemicals. So not a food I would recommend eating more than once a week.

2) Many people on the diet have missed the fact that with the protein and fats you need to eat lots and lots of vegetables. They will have eggs for breakfast, steak for lunch and chicken for supper! This is not good!

3) Even if they are eating veggies some are overdoing the protein. Remember it is 0.8g/kg of your ideal body weight per day and no more. Excess protein is converted to sugar and stored as fat and it can also be damaging to your eliminative organs. Also the animal protein should be from grassfed livestock, free-range chicken and wild fish. The feedlot stuff has toxic chemicals, antibiotics and growth hormones lurking in the fat.

Rather invest in a good resource such as "Primal Body Primal Mind" and go into this well-informed and educated. Don’t just follow what your best friend, who has lost 20kg in a month, is doing.




Although the response to this special last month was excellent, I'm not convinced that all the kiddies who need to be taking this supplement are, so I am extending this special till the end of May.

R50 off the normal price of R350 = R300 for 120 capsules.

2. VICE-BREAKER - the anti-smoking remedy

To celebrate the upcoming World No Tobacco Day on 31 May, I’m promoting Vice-Breaker at 10% offVice Breaker Logo orders of 1 bottle (so R1044) and 15% off orders of two or more bottles. Please send the smokers to www.quitsmokingnaturally.co.za to find out more about this amazing product.


This is a supplement we should all be taking as it is required for energy by every cell in the body, and is the most essential nutrient for good heart health. See below another good reason for adding CoQ10 to your supplement regime. For anyone on statins this is a non-negotiable supplement.

Until the end of May lets knock R50 off the normal price of R350, shall we?

4. LIFE-SUPPORT OMEGA-3omega3 life

Just to make sure there is something for everyone here lets knock R50 off the normal price of R380. So R330 until the end of May.


Whew! Perhaps you should order soon before I come to my senses!

PLEASE NOTE: I'll be away the whole of next week - 19-25 May so if you need your order urgently please order by Friday 16th otherwise I'll  attend to your order on the 26th May.


Coenzyme Q10 wards off Insulin Resistance

More reason for everyone to be taking Coenzyme Q10!

In a recent study, after an insulin resistant state was induced in rats, they were given either Coenzyme Q10 or glimepiride, an anti-diabetic drug for 2 weeks. The CoQ10 surpassed the effects of glimepiride in the areas of energy production and metabolic health in that the CoQ10 lowered glucose and insulin levels, improved lipids, increased glutathione (a potent antioxidant) and increased adiponectin, a beneficial energy producing hormone. Researchers concluded that CoQ10 would serve as an effective add-on to antidiabetic therapies and anyone wishing to stave off a state of insulition resistance - all of us in other words!.

Statins can impact on mental function

Recent studies done on rats and guinea pigs using Pravastatin (Pravachol) and simvastatin and atorvastatin showed adverse effects on learning and memory or both. This reinforces the warning issued in 2012 by the FDA in the US that: “There have been rare post-marketing reports of cognitive impairment (eg memory loss, forgetfulness, amnesia, memory impairment, confusion) associated with statin use". So if you have a family member on statin meds just keep one eye on them for not only memory changes but also other possible side effects especially muscle stiffness. Granted, there are some appropriate uses for statins such as in middle aged men and above who have suffered serious cardiac events previously but unfortunately much of the prescribing of statins is indiscriminate. Especially when it comes to children, natural therapies simply have to be investigated first.

Coconut Oil and Alzheimers

The developing of drugs to treat Alzheimers appears to be going nowhere especially with the shock revelation by Pfizer and Medivation that the new drug they were testing actually made patients worse! But now there seems to be some hope to be found in something as basic as coconut oil, a highly saturated fat! This has arisen as a result of numerous studies been done to show that low-fat, high-carb diets are harmful to Alzheimer patients. For more on this read here. If you have a family member suffering from this devastating condition then a daily dose of good ol' coconut oil can do no harm and hopefully will do good.


         I was always taught to respect my elders, But it keeps getting harder to find one!....hehe


Fish Oil can restore sight

OK admittedly the dose is high but if it works then perhaps it’s worth it. A recent study showed that fish oil didn’t just slow down the insidious progression of macular degeneration, it restored vision to every patient placed on high-dose fish oil. It was therapeutic and curative, not just preventive. The researchers concluded that eye physicians would be derelict in their duty if they don’t recommend high dose fish oil to their elderly patients if they wish to maintain their sight through their retirement years. The only drawback is the high dosage of 3400mg EPA and 1600mg DHA which would be somewhat costly for a retiree and of course at this high dose only pure pharmaceutical grade fish oil such as the See Yourself Well IFOS 5 star rated should be considered.

Vitamin D for Fibromyalgia

Here is a study that shows the potential value of vitamin D against fibromyalgia. In this placebo-controlled study involving 30 women with fibromyalgia given oral supplementation with vitamin D3 for 20 weeks, results found a marked reduction in pain over the treatment period in the group treated with vitamin D. This does not surprise me as I have seen this myself in patients on 5000IU vitamin D3 a day experiencing a dramatic reduction in pain which returns after a few months if they go off the dose.  Such a simple and inexpensive potential solution for a debilitating condition.


But the best medicine remains .... you guessed it..LAUGHTER... And chickens would agree:

Laugh a little












 To end, a perfect quote for the beautiful month of May:

“It is the most beautiful moment in one's life when there is neither confusion nor certainty.

One simply is — a mirror reflecting that which is. With no direction to go anywhere, with no

idea of doing something, with no future - just utterly in the moment, tremendously in the moment" - Osho

 Until we chat again next month, may you, many times, just be blissfully "in the moment".


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