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June 2015

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter


Serves me right for wondering when winter was going to arrive. Now as I sit here "bibbering" and struggling to type with numb fingers, I know the answer for sure. Due to a moral obligation to save electricity (never mind the prohibitive cost of electricity and the lack thereof), the underfloor heating in my office will remain switched off this Winter. Wherever you are I hope you are managing to keep warm and toasty - by whatever means you can that does not rely on Eskom…haha.

The saying “Old age is coming at a very bad time” could not have been more applicable to me since we last chatted. I’ve been in the wars and as hard as it is to admit, it was all age-related. It started when I bent over to pick up our 6kg feline,Thomas. Don’t ask me why I did this because Thomas doesn’t actually like being carried around, so I guess I’m the needy one here. Anyway it all ended badly when I lost my balance (the extra 6kgs must have made me top heavy) 

Thomasand the light wicker chair which was meant to save us, went down with us and I landed on top of it. Don’t laugh! I was so sure I’d broken a few ribs and at least one of them had punctured my lung! However I soon discovered that as long as you're not coughing up blood, no one takes your self-diagnosis very seriously. Turns out I had only strained a  muscle or two which I might tell you is possibly more painful than broken ribs. Ok you can laugh if you must. And Thomas? Needless to say, after giving me a most scathing look, flicked his tail and strutted away with only his dignityslightly injured. 

Dr Google

Oh Shucks it's Shingles

But I think the whole ordeal may have seriously compromised my immune system because a week later I had an encounter with Mr Herpes in the form of my first shingles episode! I know this because this virus likes to attack when you're down and your immune system is at an all-time low.  WebMD confirms this: Shingles is most common in older adults (there you have it!) and people who have weak immune systems because of stress, injury (yip, there it is), certain medicines, or other reasons.

In spite of this being my first outbreak of shingles (I’ve always been too young you know?), with the help of Dr Google, YIKES! (don't worry I have some reliable sources) it didn't take long to self-diagnose and find out how to treat. Here is a useful site: How to eliminate shingles quickly and naturally using alternative holistic methods.

With no time to waste I threw the book at my shingles, swallowing everything that might support my immune system and improve my lysine/arginine ratio. High dose Lysine, Vitamin C, zinc, Vit B complex and B12 sublinguals, silver gel and silver solution, you name it. I paid strict attention to my diet so chocolate and nuts had to go.gigartina

My biggest regret was that I was out of Gigartina Red Marine Algae Capsules! I know that the Herpes virus  is no match for this amazing anti-viral supplement and if you can start with a high dose early enough, the virus  will normally not be able to gain a foothold. I promised myself I will never be without Gigartina RMA again because it is imperative that one attacks the virus from the inside at the first sign of symptoms. Gigartina is a strain of Red Marine Algae and research has shown that it stimulates an immune response that can fight the virus and keep it at bay. Gigartina has also been shown to reduce the amount of colonies in an outbreak, therefore reducing the severity of the outbreak. 1000mg per day (4 capsules) is the recommended dosage for outbreak prevention and 2500mg per day (10 capsules) during an outbreak.

My saving grace was that I did have some RMA ointment on hand. I cannot begin to describe the rma ointmentinstantaneous relief this gave me as far as pain, redness and swelling goes, and with the help of all the supplements I was taking, within 2 days there were no visible signs of shingles and no pain. Considering a shingles episode would normally last 2-4 weeks, I was pretty chuffed.

Now the Herpes virus lurks in the system and has a nasty way of rearing its ugly head at the most inconvenient times, most commonly in the form of cold sores. So if you are prone to cold sores or shingles outbreaks, I strongly recommend that you keep both the Gigartina RMA and the RMA ointment in the arsenal in your medicine cabinet. Attack from the inside and apply topically the moment you feel that first dreaded tingle.

Gigartina is also very effective against chicken pox, influenza, coxsackievirus, tick bite fever, even warts!

Artificial Trans Fats to be banned in 3 years!

I hope this isn't a case of "if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is". The US Food and Drug Administration has announced its final decision to outlaw partially hydrogenated oils, the primary source of artificial trans fats in processed foods, by June 2018. This agency said that its decision is based on scientific review of partially hydrogented oils which has indicated that they are not "generally recognised as safe" for human food consumption. Well Helloooo...

According to the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, removing PHOs from processed foods could prevent up to 20 000 heart attacks and 7000 coronary deaths a year. The American Heart Association: "After years of advocating for the removal of industrially produced trans fats from the country's food supply, we couldn't be more gratified that this day has finally come".

The bad news is that food manufacturers will be allowed to petition the FDA for approval of one or more uses of PHOs if they can offer reasonable proof that the proposed uses are safe. Otherwise companies have until 18 June 2018 to adjust their products.Mac Donalds 1

Does this mean we'll be eating out at MacDonalds soon? Absolutely not! In South Africa we're looking at a government that is quite happy for the staple diet of the majority of its population to be GMO mealies- so I wonder when they will comply, if ever, on the banning of trans fats.

Don't forget: Every time you walk through the golden gates of MacDonalds you come one step closer to the pearly gates of heaven.


The "Why we all need omega-3" series.

Reason 3: "By affecting cell membrane composition, metabolism, signal pathways, and by direct control of gene expression, sufficient Omega-3 essential fatty acid levels play a key role in the prevention of human diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, neurological and brain disorders, and heart disease". Ntambi,JM & Bene,H. Polyunsaturated fatty acid regulation of gene expression. J Mol Neuroscience 2001 Apr-Jun; 16(2-3):273-8

Omega-3 Liquid Offer

If anyone is interested in taking their omega-3 supplement in liquid form, I have recently imported a limited number of bottles of the See Yourself Well TG liquid at a very special price due to the fact that its sell by date is end September this year. This is the form that I like to use in my smoothies but I don't normally stock it for retail. The retail price would normally be R570 but while stocks last you can get these for R480. 237ml per bottle and 1 teaspoon gives you 2500mg combined EPA and DHA which is a very high dose. If you're keen let me know.

DHA Essentials option 240 softgels 168x320Introductory offer on DHA Essentials 240 softgels expires 1 July!

There are only a few days left to get the new super-size DHA Essentials 240 softgels at the ridiculously low Introductory price of R480! From next month price goes to R600 and only while present stocks last. From then on who knows. Counteracting the ever rising rand/dollar exchange rate is something I cannot promise to be able to do for much longer.

Read more about DHA Essentials here. Please don't think this supplement is for pregnant ladies and children only. It is suitable for all members of the family regardless of age or gender.


High HDL can increase your risk of heart attack?

Just when we thought we knew it all..... We all know HDL is the “good” cholesterol. Right? Its the “garbage truck” in your body that carts off little LDL particles that could clog up your arteries and cause a heart attack. We’ve always been told this number needs to be upped so that it accounts for a minimum of 25% of your total cholesterol. And that is still true..... except when there is inflammation present in your arteries. This is measured with an Ultrasensitive C Reactive Protein blood test and apparently, if it’s high, then HDL can’t function as it should. So get your Ultrasensitive CRP tested and if it is raised you can take the following steps:

  • Reduce your weight. Excess body fat, especially in the abdomen area, correlates with chronic inflammation.
  • Eat a high fibre diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Keep to healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil and cold water fish
  • Reduce your intake of trans fats and refined carbs
  • Exercise
  • Supplements you need: Green Vibrance, omega-3 fish oil and CoQ10.

Artificial sweeteners

Perhaps this doesn’t apply to the gents so much, however we ladies would prefer to emerge from this winter without a lot of extra padding on our hips and thighs. But whatever you do, artificial sweeteners are not the way to go. Although artificial sweeteners have been successfully marketed globally to a massive sweet tooth population as a way to combat obesity and diabetes, evidence is pointing to the contrary and is also questioning their safety.

A series of experiments done by Israeli researchers, reported in a 2014 article in the scientific journal Nature, indicate that popular sugar substitutes, bearing familiar names like saccharin, sucralose, and aspartame, may actually promote obesity-associated metabolic changes and increase blood sugar levels. This is not news to those who have been subscribed to my newsletters for years because, for just that long, I have drawn your attention to the fact that these chemical sugar substitutes have rap sheets riddled with controversy over their effects on the body, which include headaches, weight gain, gut disturbances and even the possible development of diabetes,heart disease, or cancer. Avoid them for the poisons that they are. Stevia is a far safer sugar substitute or simply curb that sweet tooth.

For further reading on this topic:

Aspartame banned twice, how did it ever get approved?


Aspartame increases glucose intolerance and may actually make you fat!!


Aspartame increases risk of death from cardiovascular disease


Michael J. Fox - very interesting


Red meat and breast cancer

Yes, it is so that researchers continue to find an association between red meat consumption and breast cancer. A 2014 Harvard study monitoring more than 44,000 women over 13 years found that higher adolescent consumption of red meat was significantly associated with premenopausal breast cancer risk. Replacing one serving a day of red meat with a serving of poultry, fish, legumes, or nuts was associated with a 15 percent lower risk of breast cancer overall and a 23 percent lower risk of premenopausal breast cancer and this year a similar European study has also concluded that limiting red meat intake will likely reduce breast cancer risk.

However this troubling link is believed to be more to do with meat byproducts generated by high temperature cooking, hormones and antibiotics used in conventional livestock practices and the food preservatives present in processed meats.

What does this mean for us? We do not need to avoid red meat in total but do reduce your intake to once or twice a week, choosing only grass-fed or organic and remember the longer you cook it the more carcinogens that are produced in the meat - rare is better! .(Oh thank goodness for that – a rare fillet steak just has to be my favourite treat). The rest of the week, substitute with other healthy protein sources such as fish, chicken, eggs, legumes and nuts. Always eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and avoid processed meats altogether. Also be sure to supplement with CoQ10 which is a powerful anti-oxidant with anti-cancer properties, found in meat only.

Why drink warm lemon water in the mornings?

Sometimes we just need a gentle nudge to get us back on track and doing something we know is beneficial to our health. I wrote in my September 2011 newsletter about the powerful health promoting benefits of warm lemon water first thing in the morning. I know many of you are still doing this religiously but others may need to be reminded what a great digestive aid and liver cleanser lemon water is.

Lemons contain citric acid, magnesium, bioflavonoids, vitamin C, pectin and calcium, which supercharge our immunity so that the body can fight infection. Lemons are considered one of the most alkalizing foods you can eat. This may be hard to believe as they are acidic on their own. However, in the body, lemons are alkaline; the citric acid does not create acidity once it has been metabolized. The minerals in lemons are actually what helps to alkalize the blood.  Most people are too acidic (from eating too much sugar and grains), and drinking warm lemon water helps reduce overall acidity, drawing uric acid from the joints. This reduces the pain and inflammation which many people feel. If you're suffering from gout, heartburn or indigestion, give lemon water a try. The American Cancer Society also recommends warm lemon water to encourage regular bowel movements. Plus the detoxifying and alkalizing effect can improve your energy through the removal of toxins from your body, which in turn can help you lose body fat.

Your lemon solution should not be too concentrated though, especially if you have digestive issues. The juice of 1/4 of a lemon in a cup of warm water is ideal.


I will soon be entering my 60th year on Mother Earth. So if you do not hear from me next month, perhaps someone should call the paramedics...hehe. Just joking of course. I still don't feel a day over 30 - when I'm not injuring myself that is. 

Keep cosy and warm till we chat again.

Lynne Brown


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