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July 2015

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

Before I can bring you the good news we have to dispense with the bad news – luckily nothing serious, but you will notice on the attached product list that the first three See Yourself Well Omega-3 supplements have increased in price ever so slightly – in fact less than 5%. This was unavoidable as my latest order was placed while the rand was plummeting again. I have tried my utmost to absorb these hikes in exchange rate in the past however am unable to do so any longer.

Now to soften the blow I have some good news for you:

THE BIG BIRTHDAY BONANZA! (can we have a drumroll please?)

balloonsJuly is my birthday month and I would love you to celebrate it with me. As such the special this month is on the most popular size of See Yourself Well Omega-3 supplement. Yes, that’s right, the 300 softgel size, the special you have been waiting for!

When the 300s first came out I told my Canadian supplier I would never be able to sell this size in South Africa. Well he was right when he said it won’t take long for your clients to see the economic sense in buying in bulk. And now until 31 July it will make more sense than ever because I’m knocking R70 off the new price.SYW Omega 3 1200 300 165x318

So till end July you can get 300 softgels containing the best IFOS 5 star- rated fish oil in triglyceride form available in this country for just R850.

Unfortunately limited to a maximum of 2 bottles per person.

Expiry date on this new stock is Jan 2018 so it’s the freshest of the fresh.

Considering that the 150 softgel size now retails at R540 you must think I have lost my marbles – which is likely true – but forget that and take advantage while you can because this offer expires on 31 July.



But wait!..... I have another birthday surprise up my sleeve:
Until 31 July all orders of any supplements sent by ordinary post will be postage free – no matter the size of the order.

(Seems I did forget to take my meds today).


The "Why we all need Omega-3" series

Reason 4: The diets of our ancestral hunter gatherers were rich in Omega-3s.  They ate a mix of meat, fruits and vegetables, with little or no grains.  Green leafy vegetables, certain seeds and nuts and wild game are rich in Omega-3s. 

 “The healthy ratio of Omega-6 to omega-3 essential fatty acid intake is 1:1.  Because of the changes in diet in the industrial world (increased human consumption of grains and grain products and grain fed industrial farmed meats vs. wild game) there is widespread deficiency in the intake of omega-3 fatty acids and overconsumption of omega-6.  The omega-6 to omega-3 intake ratio is now very dangerously at 11:1 or higher.” – Eaton, Eaton & Konner: Paleolithic nutrition revisited: a twelve year retrospective on its nature and implications.  Eur J. of Clinical Nutrition 1997: 51;207-216

So have YOU taken your omega-3s today?

Milk thistle is back!

Well the good news just keeps on coming. Perhaps you hadn’t even noticed but since November 2014 any supplements containing milk thistle extract had to be removed from shop shelves. That is why you haven’t been able to find your favourite liver support and detox supplements or maybe you could but the ingredients were different.milk thistle flower

Well we have just heard that the appeal against the ridiculous scheduling of milk thistle (silymarin) as a schedule 3 drug has been successful. That means your favourite remedies should soon be on the shelves again thanks to the persistent efforts by those pressurizing the Medicines Control Council on our behalf. 

The new regulations are clearly inappropriate and irrational. Complementary medicines are not drugs and they do not carry the same risks. Let’s hope the Medicine Control Council will see the light regarding other harmless natural ingredients that have since November 2014 been withheld from the public.

Are these vaccines necessary?

When it comes to child vaccines I do not wish to be an alarmist or to tell any parent what to do. Ultimately it is the right of every parent to decide what is best for their children. All I ask is that you make an informed decision and when common sense knocks on your door, listen to it.

Common sense is what you will find in this free short movie about the ludicrous recommendation that newborns be given the HPV and Hepatitis B vaccinations:

This movie will teach you that:

  • Both cervical cancer and hepatitis B are transmitted by sexual intercourse or IV drug use
  • Cervical cancer takes 15 or more years to develop
  • The antibodies for the HPV vaccine (against cervical cancer) last 3-5 years - so long gone by the time the newborn reaches sexual maturity
  • The hepatitis B vaccine gives immunity for up to 7 years - so no longer effective after the childs 7th birthday.

In view of the above does it make any sense at all to give these vaccinations to a newborn or even newborna child about to start school?

The sad thing is the vaccine peddlers are now starting to use the high incident of baby and child rape in our country as good reason to have your newborn vaccinated against these diseases. I prefer to say keep your child safe from these sexual predators and also safe from unnecessary vaccinations.


So you’ve decided to vaccinate?

Now what would be a more sane vaccination schedule than the one proposed by our health department?
There is so much information on the internet it will keep you busy for days but for your child’s sake please do it.. Search for “A user-friendly vaccination schedule” or “A Safe Vaccination Schedule”.
You will find most recommend no vaccinations till age 2, none with mercury or live viruses and they list the more important ones as pertussis (whooping cough) diphtheria, polio and tetanus.

Do your genes determine your life span?

The scientific view of what determines a life span or how a person ages has swung back and forth. A few decades ago it was all about what we eat and environmental issues. Then the view switched to genes, the idea that you either inherit the right combination of genes that will let you eat fatty chops and smoke a pack a day and live to be 100 or you do not.

In more cases than not when a patient consults a health practitioner with some or other health issue he will mention an ancestor or two who suffered from this same complaint and so he pronounces: “I have inherited this disease”. And this is how it has been for a long time now. By keeping us focussed on the all-importance of genes themselves, the message conveyed to us is one of a basically predetermined helplessness, except through the possibilities afforded us by conventional medicines and modern medical technology. Well you’ll be just as glad as I was to hear that this is all poppycock! It is now believed there is no drug that can regulate genetic expression better or more powerfully than your diet can.

Enter the field of Nutrigenomics – the study of how different foods and their constituents can interact with specific genes to increase or lessen the risk of common chronic diseases. It is believed we “actually control anywhere from 80 to 97% of our own genetic expression with respect to potential disease processes and even longevity. Genes are turned on and off by regulatory genes and regulatory genes are controlled mainly by nutrients. So it is not the genes themselves that predispose us to disease or determine how long we will live but rather those things within our diet and environment that can act upon our genes.

Although environmental chemical exposure certainly plays a role, foods fundamentally serve as our basic genetic instruction and guidance information.  The lesson we learn from this: Nutrients can in fact modify human physiology which means to a great extent we are in control of our destiny. The genes you inherited are no longer your life sentence. Genes

This goes along with what I’ve been saying for years to patients who blame their lousy inherited genes: “With all due respect it is more likely to be the kinds of food and the methods of cooking that were passed down from generation to generation” .

So forget the past. Watch what you put into your body and make sure you get enough exercise  so that you don’t give your "lousy inherited genes" the opportunity to express themselves. Be the one telling your genes how long you'll live – not the other way round. It is never too late to take control of your destiny.



Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and the Flu Vaccine

A letter that appeared in the July edition of SA Journal of Natural Medicine prompted me to write about this.

Firstly what is Guillain-Barré syndrome?
Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a rare disorder in which a person’s own immune system damages their nerve cells, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis, with symptoms usually lasting a few weeks. Fortunately most people recover fully from GBS, but some people have long-term nerve damage. In very rare cases, people have died of GBS, usually from difficulty breathing. 
What causes GBS?
Many things can cause GBS; about two-thirds of people who develop GBS symptoms do so several days or weeks after they have been sick with diarrhea or a respiratory illness. Infection with the bacterium Campylobacter jejuni is one of the most common risk factors for GBS. People also can develop GBS after having the flu or other infections (such as cytomegalovirus and Epstein Barr virus). Anyone of any age can develop GBS but people older than 50 years are at greatest risk.

On very rare occasions, people may develop GBS in the days or weeks after getting aflu-shot flu vaccination. 

Rare maybe, however this is what happened to the gentleman whose wife wrote to the magazine with the express wish that others should know that there is this small risk of developing GBS after getting the flu vaccination. It took her husband over 6 months to recover from being paralysed from his waist down, including his hands, in addition to being in intense pain and unable to do a thing for himself.

"Rare" seems to have different interpretations depending on who is making the statement. I would not consider the following number of claims for injury or death in the United States from August 2013 to November 2013 due to the flu vaccine as rare. You can read more about it here where the conclusion is that the flu vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in the US.  In just 3 months there were 139 claims for injury or death by vaccines. Of the 70 cases compensated, 42 were for the flu vaccine and most of these were for GBS. (In 1976-1977 an unusually high rate of GBS was identified in the United States following the administration of inactivated swine flu (H1N1) vaccines).

Once again I have no desire to cause you any alarm or tell you what to do. Just like the wife who wrote to Natural Medicine magazine, when it comes to vaccinations, I would like nothing more than for you to make informed decisions and know about the risks, however small.


Vitamin D dosages 

I received a response from one of my readers after mentioning in my May newsletter that I take a daily dose of 5000IU of vitamin D. He felt that this was way too excessive and perhaps even harmful. I hope I managed to adequately convince him that in my books, after much reading, it is not - but I have to say I was pleased to get confirmation of this when I received integrative doctor, Bernard Brom's,  latest newsletter, where he had this to say:

"Most experts who know the research around vitamin D are now recommending at least 4000 to 10,000IU/day. Check with your Integrative doctor about the dose you should take. If any doctor suggests any dose under 4000IU/day then ask him/her to first take your blood level before and after 3 months of use. Lower levels are very unlikely to lift your blood levels in my experience, and that doctor is not, in touch with the literature."

Let me say that I enjoy being challenged and I do wish more of you would do so. I don't purport to be an expert on anything and after all I was once the mother who shunned the beautiful natural butter made on the farm, thinking margarine was a healthier option for my growing children! It is only after constant reading, reading and more reading, with much analysing and dissecting, that I feel qualified to pass what I have learnt on to you. But I really would love to hear your opinion too, and even more so if you disagree with me. 

Keep warm and cosy wherever you are and I look forward to our next chat.


Lynne Brown

Nutritional Therapist (BSc (Hons) HDE, Dip Clin Nutr)
The Orchards Nutrition Centre - Somerset East
Tel: 042 243 0339
Cell: 084 531 0786
Email: lynne@orchardsnutrition.co.za

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