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August 2015

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

I hope you have enjoyed a relaxing long weekend and to all the ladies, happy Women's month!

What a lovely time of the year this is: full of tell-tale signs that Spring is around the corner, which means time to emerge from under the down duvet, shake out the feathers and get to work. I tend to take a break in the veggie garden in July but now I am all fired up ready to tackle the planning and sowing that will ensure a wonderful crop of all sorts of delicious veggies for the summer months. We've also just finished pruning the grapes and put in a few slips of sultana, hanepoort and two other varieties which we simply call Glen Avon, after the family farm from where they originate, because we have no idea what they are, apart from delicious. So roll on Spring - heaven knows after the bitterly cold snaps we have experienced, we are ready for you!

The Mental Wellness Summit

I was hoping to get this newsletter out to you before this Mental Wellness Summit began yesterday, however a very busy long weekend got in the way. The Summit runs from 10th - 17th August with a new batch of webinars each day, available to you to watch for free for 24 hours. So if I can get this out asap you may still be able to catch a few of yesterdays webinars, but you do need to register pronto. If you are in any way interested in "an educational and empowering experience that explores better ways to approach and treat mental health from a root cause perspective" then I urge you to register right now for this summit by simply clicking here: Registration for the Mental Wellness Summit. To watch all the webinars will require about 4 hours a day which is a lot to ask but hopefully you will get to enjoy some of them. 

Always look to the gut first

Hippocrates said "All disease begins in the gut". 2500 years later we're only figuring that out now. Yet we've known all along that our emotions are seated in the gut or else why do we speak of "having a gut feeling" and "butterflies in my stomach". Its the reason some people need to go to the bathroom suddenly before public speaking, some even need to vomit before some event that they're particularly nervous about.

The gut-brain connection is now firmly established in scientific literature with the gut even been termed the second brain. It houses 80% of our immune system and 400 times more serotonin and 500 times more melatonin than is found in our brains! No wonder, if it's not working right it can destroy your health. Inflammation in the stomach can alter mood and cause depression. It's also been associated with ADHD, autism, MS, Alzheimers and Parkinsons and it's all to do with the microbiome (bacteria population) found in the gut. Symptoms don't necessarily appear in the gut itself, so just because you don't have any digestive problems doesn't mean your gut is OK.

Believe it or not we can carry up to 2kg of microbes in our gut, two thirds of which is unique to each individual! What makes this unique is the food we eat, the air we breathe and other environmental factors and possibly even our genes. The more diverse our gut bacteria, the better, with low diversity implicated in many diseases, including risk of obesity and allergies. So although the wrong microbes and the lack of beneficial microbes may be implicated in the development of disease conditions, even cancer, the right mix and quantity can be used in recovery from disease.

The take-home message here is that since gut microbiome is influenced by the food we eat and ouGreen Vibrance 60 daysr environment, it makes sense that there are ways to make it healthier. Dr David Perlmutter really hits a home run when he says our gut microbes sit down at table with us and eat whatever we eat. Personally I rely on fermented foods such as kefir as well as food supplements such as Green Vibrance, which contains a probiotic blend second to no other supplement available in this country. Never mind all the other benefits to all other body systems that its huge array of restorative ingredients can impart. For children the Green Vibrance Junior will ensure all over health like no other superfood can.

If I have only whet your appetite on this topic and you'd like to know more, I recommend you listen to Dr David Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain and Brain Maker, in this radio interview, How Gut Microbes can heal your brain.  If you are unable to watch the Mental Wellness Summit then at least try to find time to listen to this interview. 

The "Why we all need Omega-3" series

Reason 5: Because grains are used to feed and marble up domesticated animals with saturated fatFish oil capsule on hook, the meat and dairy sources of our modern diet are full of omega-6 fatty acids. And because we're not consuming enough fruits and green leafy begetables, the current ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s in affluent nations is more than three times what it was for our ancestors. So what? Well, Omega-6s interfere with the health benefits of omega-3s and omega-6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory whereas omega-3's are anti-inflammatory. No wonder the human species is in constant pain.

So have you taken your omega-3s today?

This month's Special

Many of you wisely took advantage of the special on the See Yourself Well Omega-3 300s which sadly ended on 31 July and is unlikely to be repeated, unless I lose all my marbles again. This month we're treating those of you who prefer to take your omega-3 in liquid form, as I do. I take so many supplements daily that it is nice to have some like omega-3, Lugols iodine and vitamin D in liquid form and Green Vibrance and protein in powder form that I can add to my smoothies so that I don't feel like I'm popping a zillion pills every day. The liquid omega-3 has a best before date end of September 2015 so it's going below cost while stocks last!

See Yourself Well Omega-3 Liquid

  • Triglyceride Form
  • IFOS 5 Star rated
  • 1 teaspoon supplies 1500mg EPA and 1000mg DHA
  • Take 1 teaspoon daily 
  • Oil from anchovy, sardine and mackerel and as with all See Yourself Well fish oil, it is ultra refined and molecularly distilled.

Normal Price R570 - While stocks last R280! 

I would call this an offer no one can refuse. At 1 teaspoon a day, which is a very high dose equivalent to 5 softgels a day,  237ml is a 7 week supply of premium quality fish oil.

Clever ways to use super healthy kefir

I wrote about the wonders of kefir in my November 2013 newsletter. Do go back and remind yourself of its amazing health benefits.

Granted, kefir is not everyone's favourite tipple. Ken loves it but then he grew up on a farm and was probably weaned on amasi...haha. I must confess I have to make kefir do a disappearing act in my smoothies, which works very well. Here are 2 more clever ways to ensure it gets into your family's diet:

A healthy treat for kiddies which is much easier to make than icecream:

Blend together 2 cups milk kefir, 2 small bananas, 2 large tablespoons natural peanut butter (or almond or cashew nut butter). Freeze as lollipops.

Salad dressing:

Make a salad dressing using milk kefir with a dash of lemon juice and olive oil, salt and pepper, garlic and whatever other herbs take your fancy. This is also great as a substitute for mayonnaise in potato salad and coleslaw.

So no excuse not to introduce the very best probiotics and beneficial yeasts into your family's diet.

Anyone wanting milk kefir grains, I will be more than happy to send you some if you cover the courier fee or I can include some with your next order. 


This just has to be my favourite quote:

"If you have no time for complete and balanced nutrition, you'd better reserve a lot of time for illness" - Michael Colgan, sports nutritionist.



I was keen to draw attention to this disorder simply because it is one that can be utterly debilitating for the sufferer, robbing him/her of a happy social life, but one that may also be easily remedied.

The root cause of pyroluria is the production of too much pyrrole, a chemical substance that is involved in the formation of heme, which makes blood red. Pyrroles bind with zinc and B6, thus depleting these nutrients. A simple remedy to this nasty condition in many sufferers, but not necessarily all, is to supplement these two nutrients. 

Do you have pyroluria? Fact is, most pyroluria sufferers go through life undiagnosed. This questionnaire will tell you whether you are one of those people who may benefit from supplementing with zinc and B6: Pyroluria questionnaire

Have you checked your vit D levels lately?

Yes I know I do go on about this but, even if just to humour me, do watch this video clip so you can hear it from someone far more qualified than I, and be informed of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency to look out for in yourself and members of your family: What are vitamin D deficiency symptoms? 

As Benjamin Franklin once said:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure 

Rebounding when pregnantRebounder

Contrary to what some may think, it is actually one of the best things a mum-to-be can do for herself and her unborn child. It will relax her, stimulate greater circulation to all the cells including the placenta and the yet to be born baby, boost energy and help with water retention. It is important though to keep the bounce low and gentle and use short more frequent sessions, say 1 to 2 minutes, three to five times a day. In the third trimester it should be very gentle but still can be done. Baby is likely to be born stronger because of the G Force loading and have a better sense of balance due to the effect on the inner ear of baby when Mom exercises. Always check with your GP first though and only use a high quality rebounder. Don't forget to take advantage of other rebounder benefits after baby is born to get your body into balance again and do remember that babies love bouncing too!

Enzyme Process is back!

I was very disappointed a few months ago when I discovered Enzyme Process had closed their doors, perhaps due to difficulty complying with the ridiculous new regulations which include, believe it or not, regulating digestive enzyme supplements. All Enzyme Process supplements include digestive enzymes, which I find very sensible. Anyway the good news is that the mother company from the US has rescued the situation and many of our favourites are once again available. Enzimmune is one that many of you will be glad to have back, just as I am thrilled to have Liverchol on my shelves again. Many a kidney and gallstone has miraculously disappeared with a protocol I adopt using Liverchol. Many of you will be glad to hear that Hair, Skin and Nails will also soon be back so we can all look beautiful again.


I look forward to our chat again next month. If you get to watch any of the Mental Wellness webinars do let me have your comments.


Lynne Brown

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