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November 2015

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

The year is screaming to an end at a scary pace and I’m already receiving emails from supplement suppliers warning of closing by mid December for the festive season. Holy smoke, that’s just around the corner! Please don’t get caught short: Place your orders well in time so that if I don’t have what you want in stock I can still procure it for you. Be sure to stock up enough to see you through to mid January because most suppliers are only opening again after that. I myself will be taking a break more or less over the same period but will still be available for emergencies.

Sugar under attack

Obesity and type 2 diabetes in children is escalating at an alarming rate worldwide. Although lack of exercise and consumption of processed foods is most certainly playing a role, health authorities world over are increasingly targeting sugar, and rightly so.

The World Health Organization recently recommended that adults and children cut sugar to less than 10% of their daily caloric intake. In July the Food and Drug Administration recommended maximum daily sugar intake of 200 calories, ie 40 fewer calories than a 20-ounce Coca-Cola. Voters in Berkeley, California, approved a sugary drink tax, becoming the first U.S. city to pass such a measure (http://www.berkeleyvsbigsoda.com/).

Consumers also are backing away as has been shown in a number of surveys done. People are becoming concerned about the amount of sugar they consume, are reading labels and subsequently, soda consumption in the US has steadily declined for 10 straight years. I would hope the same is happening here in South Africa.

A recent study on a group of 43 obese Latino and African American children and teens who had symptoms of metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance says it all. For just 9 days, researchers took sugary foods and beverages away from them, reducing the sugar in their diets from 28% to 10% of overall calories. Reducing sugar reversed virtually every aspect of metabolic syndrome, including insulin, cholesterol and triglycerides, in the children studied. What is most interesting is that the researchers replaced the sugar-laden foods with pizza, baked potato chips, and other starchy processed foods (Yikes!) and yet the cluster of conditions that can lead to diabetes still came down. This is not to say it is OK for us to feed our kids these junk foods but just goes to show how sugar is the main culprit when it comes to diabetes and heart disease in children. We as consumers need to avoid it like the white poison that it is.

Sugar both causes and fuels cancer

This is another reason we should ALL be avoiding sugar.

  • In January 2014, two American scientists showed that glucose caused glycolysis and cancer.
  • Johns Hopkins have researched colorectal cancer and shown clearly that starving patients of sugar is crucial to survival.
  • The American Journal of Public Health has covered research showing that consuming sugar drastically depresses the immune system and also damages your DNA telomeres more than smoking!
  • Several research studies covered in Cancer Watch have shown that people with the highest blood sugar levels develop more cancers, and people with cancer and high blood sugar levels survive least.

The truth is that cancer cells need glucose and a number of studies have shown that glucose can help cancer cells proliferate. Another way of looking at it is that by raising insulin levels, glucose causes inflammation in the body and cancers LOVE inflammation; it helps them spread.

In 2013, a metastudy of 20 research papers showed that taking the plasma glucose-lowering
drug Metformin, consistently increased survival times because lowering blood sugar levels can bring about tumour reduction.

Clinical Trials are underway with a Ketogenic diet for cancer patients – where patients consume no carbohydrate, but higher fat levels. This induces ketosis in healthy cells (ketosis is the burning of fat instead of carbs). Cancer cells cannot do this. For the same reason St Thomas’ Hospital is using The Atkins Diet (no carbs diet) to good effect with brain tumour patients.

There is a simple explanation for all this. Glucose is the food of cancer cells - they must have it. It makes them grow, encourages metastases and it even causes cancer in the first place.

The dangers of soy

Sugar is not the only food item under attack, as soy becomes more and more targeted. The most significant adverse effect of soy is on the endocrine system, as has been shown in many studies.
One study was conducted on 12 men aged 18 years and older who supplemented their diet with 56 grams of soy protein powder. The result: It was found that these men experienced a 19% drop in serum testosterone in only 28 days. Which means that soy protein powder strips your masculinity!
So guys, read the labels on those body-building supplements you’re consuming. Many are loaded with soya.

Women are not immune: Six pre-menopausal women with normal menstrual cycles were given 45 mg of soy isoflavones per day. This is equivalent to only 1-2 cups of soymilk or 1/2 cup of soy flour. The result: After only one month, all of the women experienced delayed menstruation with the effects similar to tamoxifen - the anti-estrogen drug given to women with breast cancer.

Pregnant women consuming soy also put their male babies at risk: Scientific research has shown that the developing male foetus, which is exposed to soy phytoestrogens, may suffer from higher susceptibility to prostate cancer later in life.
This is not even the tip of the iceberg: Hundreds of studies have shown how soy affects the male and female endocrine systems. And all this before we even take into account that all soya grown in this country now comes with the added evils of genetic modification. Speaking of which, please sign this petition demanding that our government commit to the transformation of our corporate controlled (read Monsanto-controlled), chemical-laden food systems. Sign here: GlyphosateMust Fall

GMO foods

It’s easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled – Mark Twain

Something fishy or just franken-salmon?

And now fellow concerned consumers the latest news is that we may soon be eating genetically modified salmon. Yip, genetically engineered to grow faster! The FDA has just approved it so it must be safe, right? I wonder then why they won’t approve actually labeling it genetically modified and safe. Read more about this here.

Cell phone towers

Seems certain cell phone companies are above the law in this country. Towers are being erected country wide in residential areas with no EIAs done or consultation with the residents who have a very good chance of being adversely affected health-wise. People go to work in the morning when there is no sign of any activity in their street only to come home that evening to find a tower erected on the pavement slap in front of their house! This is highly illegal and yet the companies doing it are getting away with it.

On this topic also be aware that if you have wifi in your home or office, although this may be self-inflicted, you do need to be aware of any changes in your and your family’s health. I experienced intolerable buzzing in my ears and brain fog (yes, much more than normal...haha) so bad that we had to switch ours off. The relief was almost instantaneous. I have heard of many other symptoms such as sweating, burning hands and feet and insomnia to mention a few. I would not like to think what effect it may have on babies and children. We cannot avoid these electromagnetic fields altogether as they are everywhere but we can try not to add to them.

The Truth about Cancer series

I hope you got to watch at least some of the episodes from the second series of Truth About Cancer. If you didn’t then here is a freebie episode to whet your appetite. If you want to hear more you can purchase the full set of 9 episodes here. I found this second series even better than the first.

Movember is Prostate Cancer month

As we all know, November is the month set aside to raise awareness of prostate cancer in which ever way is appropriate for each one of us and if you can grow a good looking moustache then do so (but if not then perhaps don't ...haha). Someone sent me this very interesting article  which looks at cancer cells from a totallly refreshing perspective. Abstaining from battle, I decided to talk to my cancer cells instead.  I like to think this author will live to be 100. 

Celebrex may increase heart attack and stroke risk

"Feel like playing a little Russian roulette with your heart and brain? Just take prescription Celebrex and you’ll instantly triple your risk of heart attack or stroke", according to the National Cancer Institute. While studying the drug’s potential as an anti-cancer drug, they discovered that...
"Those taking 400mg doses had 250% greater risk of dying from heart attack or stroke... and those taking 800mg doses have 340% greater risk!"
This and other reviews of prescription and over the counter pain killers have caused the US FDA to call on drug makers to strengthen their warning labels. By the way, this also applies to other brand names of NSAIDS such as Advil, Naprosyn, Aleve and Daypro, to name a few.

Best medicine is love

Be the reason someone smiles today........ and, for that matter, every day until we chat again next month.

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