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May 2016

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

Before I get started I'd like to apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced due to the problems I have had lately with my email accounts. You may have tried to email me on either lynne@orchardsnutrition.co.za or lynne@quitsmokingnaturally.co.za and have not had a response from me. This will be because, either I did not receive your email, or you did not receive my reply. It's been a tough few weeks and although the problems appear to be sorted it may be a good idea to use lynne@bosberg.co.za until I am absolutely sure. These problems also seem to have caused alot of my emails to end up in the recipients' spam boxes. Oh my word, the last thing I want to do is spam anyone! Every person on the mailing list for this newsletter at some stage chose to subscribe to it, so if it does end up in your spam box please insure that you have lynne@orchardsnutrition.co.za in your safe senders list. If however, you feel you no longer need to receive these newsletters you have an option to unsubscribe in the last line at the bottom of this newsletter by clicking on "Modify your subscription". 

How to stop a cold before it starts

May just has to be the most beautiful month of the year, don't you think? Here in Somerset East we have experienced a long string of the most beautiful days and perfect temperatures. I'm enjoying every minute of this Autumn weather, however have already, like so many others, succumbed to my first bout of the sniffles. Fortunately, unlike so many others, I managed to stop my cold in its tracks before it developed into flu or bronchitis or worse, so I thought I should dedicate this newsletter mainly to the steps one can take to do this. 

Firstly you need to recognise the symptoms of a cold coming on:

  • a sore throat
  • a blocked or runny nose
  • sneezing
  • tingling feeling in the nose 
  • eyes watering or smarting
  • a hoarse voice
  • foggy head
  • generally feeling under par

Now take action - and I mean immediate action, because for every minute you waste you are giving the flu virus and undesirable bugs a chance to get the upper hand.

Immediately start drinking LOTS of water. Staying hydrated throughout is non-negotiable and will help to alleviate some of the symptoms. Gargle with salt water a few times a day not only to alleviate a scratchy throat but also to flush out bacteria and viruses that may be the deciding factor as to whether you get a cold or prevent one. You can also use colloidal silver for this.

All the while keep your nose clean by rinsing with a weak sea salt solution. I like to add bicarb but you can also add xylitol or colloidal silver. For this I use my neti pot, a nifty tool that I would not like to beSingleNetiPot without. They come in all shapes and you'll be able to get one online. This is the one I  bought from Earth Products. If you were too late stopping the cold in its tracks and already have a mucous factory going, nasal irrigation with a neti pot is marvellous for clearing out copious amounts of mucous and preventing sinus infections. As with gargling you will need to repeat the nasal rinsing process a few times a day, but it's worth the effort for the enormous relief you will experience when able to breathe and talk properly again.

Now to support the immune system because it will need all the support you can give it. After all, you're heading for a cold in the first place because your immune system is compromised for some or other reason. For this you have a number of choices and I can't say one is better than the other but can give you a run down on a few I'd recommend:

1. Enzimmune by Enzyme Process

I just love the combination of ingredients in this formulation – a powerful blend of vitamins,ENZIMMUNE May 2016 minerals, herbs, digestive enzymes, flavonoids and more. Just to mention a few: Vitamin C and A, excellent immune system enhancers, are both present in high doses. The vitamin C is buffered and its absorption is enhanced by bioflavonoids. Olive leaf extract is a powerful natural antibiotic and its active ingredient Oleuropein may prevent the onset of colds, influenza and a broad range of other viruses, yeast and fungal invasions, bacterial infections and parasites. Echinacea purpurea has the ability to kick-start the immune system, stimulating the production of white blood cells. It is used extensively to fight infection caused by common colds and flu and inflammation caused by respiratory problems, bronchitis and strep. throat. Cats claw bark has anti-oxidant, anti-tumour, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. The glandular extracts can be very beneficial in improving the function of certain organs and glands. As with all Enzyme Process supplements, an active enzyme base formulation is included which helps to digest large quantities of carbohydrates, proteins and fats thereby improving the absorption of nutrients into the body. Malic acid is there to protect muscles from fatigue, support healthy energy levels, and ensure proper functioning of nerves, muscles and heart, so in general making you feel better. I've only touched on some of the ingredients otherwise we could be here for a while. How would you use this supplement? 2 capsules twice a day at the first sign of imbalance, however Enzimmune is safe to use at much higher doses. At the onset of a cold one can safely take 2 of these capsules every hour until saturation dose is reached. 

2. Immune Defense by Vibrant HealthImmune Defense May 2016

This is a truly preventative and crisis intervention formula. It strengthens your immune system by boosting the immune fighters in the body to prevent bacteria and viruses from thriving, and thus wards off colds and flu and lessens allergies, asthma, sinus and post nasal drip. Immune Defense contains four powerful immune boosters:  Immunoglobulins, Beta Glucans, Larch Arabinogalactins and Red Marine Algae. You can also take this as a comprehensive and effective daily immune supporting supplement. I am doing that now with winter coming and it's a supplement I never travel without.

3. Vitamin C Super Natural C

Then there is good old Vitamin C. Saturate your tissues with vitamin C and the flu virus can not take hold. I recommend taking high doses every two hours on the first day you start to experience cold symptoms. My favourite is Super Natural C made by Vibrant Health. It's 100% natural organic vitamin C extracted from whole foods and fruits with no added synthetic ascorbic acid and containing all the co-factors.  Although Super Natural C only provides 266mg of Vitamin C per serving of 2 capsules it is roughly 10 x more bioactive than a standard ascorbic acid vit C - making it comparable in vit C components alone to 2660mg. 

Alternatively look for a buffered vitamin C supplement containing ascorbates rather than straight ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid on its own in high doses can kill beneficial gut bacteria and make the body acidic.

There is no harm in taking high doses of vitamin C. You will know when you have reached your tolerance level if your stools become looser. Then simply cut back slightly on the dosage until balance is restored.

There are many other supplements I could recommend however will stop at this three. What else could you do? If you're just trying to fight off a cold then it's not necessary to go to bed, in fact light  exercise, with the emphasis on light, actually stimulates the immune system. But do get to bed early at night after a nice hot shower and a drink of hot water with lemon juice and honey.

A Vice-Breaker Promo to celebrate World-No-Tobacco-DayVice Breaker

May is almost over so I’d better get this news out soonest. Every year 31 May marks World-No-Tobacco Day with the aim of highlighting health risks associated with smoking. Please share with your family and friends, who you know wish to quit smoking, that we’re running a promo on Vice-Breaker for the month of May: 10% off so they pay R1215 instead of R1350. Free delivery. They can shop online here or visit www.quitsmokingnaturally.co.za where they will find out more about how Vice-Breaker works and how well it has worked for many smokers I have personally worked with.

Olive Oil- why buy local 

There are so many good reasons why we should be consuming olive oil but there is a dark side to this industry which is sadly overshadowing its health benefits. Once again recent investigations by watch dog groups have uncovered continued deception in the manufacture of olive oil in Italy, from mixing with inferior oils to adding toxic colourants and chemicals. Health conscious consumers paying a premium for what they believe to be high quality extra virgin oil from Italy could unwittingly be consuming chemical additives and toxins that are detrimental to their health. In one investigation some samples were found to contain pesticides, others were highly polluted with mineral oil hydrocarbons and, potentially, motor oil fumes. Investigators also found traces of plasticizers and styrene in some of the oils.

So if you want authentic extra virgin olive oil consider bypassing the unknowns of the imported brands and rather support our local producers, many of whom are producing world-class olive oil. Furthermore, to avoid the possibility of petrochemicals having found their way into the oil I suggest sticking to olive oil sold in glass bottles.

Included in the many health benefits of extra virgin cold pressed olive oil are reduced cardiovascular risk and astherosclerosis, as well as reduced incidence of cancer and other diseases associated with the aging process. It promotes healthy cholesterol levels, has anti-inflammatory potential and acts as a powerful antioxidant. What better medicine to take by the spoonful daily? Not however recommended for high temperature cooking but perfect for salad dressings.


In conclusion, there are a few changes to the attached product list this month so do remember to save it and discard the last one. Note that Lipotropix, UTI Biotic powder and ICC are half price while stocks last. This is due to them nearing expiry dates.

That's my news for now but I do hope to hear from you before I sit down to write again next month. Until then , keep warm and healthy.


Lynne Brown

Nutritional Therapist (BSc (Hons) HDE, Dip Clin Nutr)
The Orchards Nutrition Centre - Somerset East
Tel: 042 243 0339
Cell: 084 531 0786
Email: lynne@orchardsnutrition.co.za

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The information in this newsletter is for educational purposes only and not to be construed as medical advice. It is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or in any way replace qualified medical supervision. For any medical conditions, consult with your healthcare provider before using any products. Abundant health to you all.

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