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June 2016

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

While you were sleeping in the very early hours of Sunday 22 May, little Bailey Paige Brown made her entrance into the big wide world. Thanks  Bruce and Nicola for our beautiful granddaughter and third grandchild. We were so privileged to pop up to Johannesburg when she was just 3 weeks old to meet this precious little bundle - although I did have to wrestle with her dad now and then to have a chance to hold her....haha. It is at times like this that one can only marvel at the miracle of life and feel immense gratitude for such a perfect, healthy child. And of course our baby is so good: sleeps when she should, drinks when she should, burps when she should, never cries.... Oh, Ok, I'm clearly the grandmother....haha. Sorry, you're getting 3 photos of her because I couldn't choose.

Bailey Paige Brown


Another free summit coming up

I know many of you enjoy these summits which doesn't surprise me as there is so much to learn from them, so before we move on let me ensure that you know about this one which should be especially informative. The Alzheimers and Dementia Summit will run from 25 July to 1 August and you can register here. 

Avoiding the sun is as bad as smoking!

Winter is upon us and with it comes a weaker sun and corresponding looming possibility of developing vitamin D deficiency. I have written about vitamin D deficiency symptoms and the need for supplementation often enough so let’s rather look at another benefit of sunshine, apart from soaking up Ds

Researchers at Edinburgh University recently completed a number of studies into the benefits of sunshine on the body. In particular they have been looking at how the sun promotes increases of nitric oxide (NO) in the body and how that chemical dilates blood vessels, thus reducing blood pressure and cardiovascular, heart attack and stroke risk.

Since heart disease and stroke lead to approximately 80 times more deaths than skin cancer in the UK, the researchers concluded that it may be time to reassess the balance of risk between skin cancer and cardiovascular disease. Indeed Dr. Richard Weller who lead the team and who is a senior lecturer in dermatology at the University confirmed that the benefits to heart health far outweighed the risks of skin cancer. sunbather

Knowing that avoiding the sun is as bad for us as smoking I think we all need to get out there as often as possible this winter and soak up whatever rays we can - minus the sunblock of course.


Antibiotic apocalypse

Sounds a bit over the top, doesn’t it? But sadly this is not an exaggeration. Last month the superbug that doctors have been dreading, reached the US, and just as anticipated, colistin, the antibiotic of last resort, was powerless against this deadly strain of E.Coli. Although already previously detected in China in pigs and pork and a few people, and later in Europe, health officials are baffled as to how it turned up in the urine of a Pennsylvanian woman.

Up until now colistin has been effective as the antibiotic of last resort for particularly dangerous superbugs, dubbed “nightmare bacteria”. Researchers are now concerned that the colistin-resistant gene of this particular strain of E.coli could spread to other bacteria that can already evade other antibiotics. Colistin is widely used in Chinese livestock, and this probably led bacteria to evolve and gain a resistance to the drug. It is believed the gene probably leaped from livestock to human microbes through food.

Antimicrobial resistance is becoming a serious and growing threat to human health, and the development of new antibiotics is limited and slow. The battle against infections that are resistant to drugs is one the world is losing rapidly and it is feared we may soon be facing a world where colistin-resistant E.coli infections are untreatable. Experts have warned that antimicrobial resistance will become the world’s greatest killer, more than cancer, by 2050 if a new generation of effective antibiotics is not developed, taking us back to before Fleming’s discovery of penicillin when people died from common infections and injuries.

How can ordinary mortals like you and me protect ourselves from this antibiotic apocalypse? We first need to understand why antibiotics can lead to problems. The reason lies in the limitations of antibiotics in the range of strains of bacteria that they can eliminate. People carry billions of bacteria in their noses, throats, genitals, skin and gut. Antibiotics kill off the susceptible ones, allowing the resistant ones to flourish. Thus the balance of microbes in the body changes, with the drug resistant ones able to hang around for months, often causing havoc a few weeks down the line. How often have you heard of people developing a lung infection, or a difficult to treat urinary tract infection, or some other kind of infection shortly after being on an antibiotic course? So this is the real problem with antibiotic use, the bacteria left behind that did not get killed off.

This is where whole plant extracts have been found to be very effective antimicrobials, many of these compounds offering a powerful broad spectrum natural alternative to antibiotics. To stop minor infections becoming major I always keep the following two natural alternatives to conventional antibiotics in my arsenal of first aid remedies. 

Antibiobotanical 60

Panaxea’s AntiBiobotanical is a powerful traditional Chinese herbal formulation that has shown successful antimicrobial effect in gram+ and gram – bacteria, virri and some fungi.

It can be used alone or together with pharmaceutical antibiotics for full removal of bacteria as well as virrii and fungi or it can be used post conventional antibiotic use to mop up the drug resistant bacteria left behind.


olive leaf plus 60c

Then there is Enzyme Process Olive Leaf Plus which has as main ingredient olive leaf extract but also a number of other antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal plant extracts. The oleuropein in the olive leaf displays powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral action while at the same time being an antioxidant and immune system enhancer, as this article explains: Olive leaf extract destroys bacteria and viruses. 

Why I regard these as superior to pharmaceutical antibiotics is that they are also potent antivirals and antifungals and don’t only kill bacteria. The more of us who use these sorts of natural antimicrobials the better and rather sooner than later. You will find both of these on the attached product list.

Of course the indiscriminate prescribing of antibiotics needs to stop too. A recent study found that 1 in 3 antibiotics prescribed in the US are unnecessary. Learn more about this here. This article is well worth a read, especially the chart which shows that over 40% of antibiotics prescribed were for viral infections, where antibiotics do not work!  

It is encouraging, however, to learn that some governments are setting targets for reducing antibiotic use in outpatient settings by 2020. And the very best news confirming that South Africa is also involved in this program, has just landed on my desk: "A major pharmacist-led antimicrobial stewardship programme at 47 private hospitals in South Africa achieved an 18% cut in antibiotic use – saving medicines and money and improving healthcare – found a study that included researchers from Ampath Laboratories, Netcare and the universities of the Witwatersrand, Pretoria and Ohio State. They recommend rolling out the programme in the public sector", writes Karen MacGregor for MedicalBrief.

However there also needs to be an end to the preventative use of antibiotics in farming. There is no point in setting targets for human use of antibiotics without setting targets for veterinary use when, for example, farm animals account for 80% of antibiotic use in the US. 

Antibiotics are sometimes necessary and lifesaving, but all too often they are prescribed in situations where they are unlikely to work and can do long term damage to health, especially in children – but that's another story for another time.

Natural Vibrance Product News and Specials

Mostly good news but some bitter-sweet.

1. New super sized Super Natural CalciumSuper Natural Calcium Tablets 120

 This is good news for those of us who are hooked on this excellent 100% plant-based calcium supplement. The small pricy quantities are out and there is now only this monster size of 240 tablets at a much more affordable price.  Where previously you paid R350 for 60 tablets you now pay R748 for 240 tablets! That's almost quarter the previous price! 

Calcium in plant form is more compatible with human digestion and metabolism than mineral compounds synthesised in laboratories, and inorganic forms like coral calcium. Therefore lower doses are required. Calcium in this form is much better absorbed and as a result you will feel the benefit much quicker than when non-plant forms are taken.

Recommended for menopause, osteoporosis, skeletal support in children and adults, pregnancy, vegans. It works especially well for menopausal symptoms when used with Super Natural Boron and Vitamin D 4000IU.

 2. UT Biotic PowderUT Biotic Powder

The good news first. You can buy 1 and get 1 free or if you want only one you pay half the normal price. These have an expiry date of July 2016 however will be fine for many months to come.

The bad news: This powdered UT Biotic supplement is being discontinued and in future only the capsules will be available to us.

Everyone of us could do with a course of UT Biotic from time to time. It not only supports healthy urogenital flora and bladder function but also provides probiotics beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract, so great for anyone experiencing gastrointestinal problems.

3. Glycemic Vibrance PowderGlycemic Vibrance powder

Once again a "Buy one get one free" offer or if you only want one then you get it at half price. Expiry date is only October 2016 but selling fast so this offer is available only while stocks last.

Glycemic Vibrance contains 30 key ingredients vital to blood sugar balance, helps the body use energy more efficiently and assists in weight loss and improved health. It's my favourite supplement to recommend for weight loss. Diabetics and those with insulin resistance should not be without this product. I love to send clients for fasting glucose and insulin tests before starting on this product and then again after 3 months on it. The results are astounding.

4. Green Vibrance Junior PowderGreen Vibrance Junior

The good news is you get 20% off this supplement for as long as stocks expiring in January 2017 last.

The bad news: Due to new regulations coming in we probably will never see this product or anything to touch it again in South Africa. So if you have babies, toddlers or tweens, stock up while you can. A better investment in their health you will not find. If you get your children onto this early enough it will train their taste buds to love and even crave vegetables.

Celebrating through donating

Next month I'll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of my 30th birthday...Tee Hee! I can't think of any better way to do this than to make a contribution that might help to give others the opportunities that I have had in life. A visit to www.siyakhulisa.com will tell you that I am one of the Trustees of a charity that focusses on giving a few youngsters a chance at a better education than they could ever have afforded. In gratitude for the blessed life I have led, from now until the end of July, for all supplement orders placed I pledge to donate 10% of the value to the Siyakhulisa Trust. I hope you will join me in this celebration and I look forward to receiving your orders.

In conclusion 

The best support you can give to anyone you love is your wellness. When you are well, joyful, fun, and happy, you are the greatest gift to everyone around you. That's when you inspire wellness, joy, and fun within them.  When you take care of yourself, you are in a much better position to take care of others. Your tiredness, sickness, and inability to look after yourself does not support or help anyone. Your loved ones don't want to be the cause of your unhappiness or exhaustion. They want to be the cause of your joy and wellness. Words don't teach as well as example. Support others through your thriving. Lift others by lifting yourself. - Emily Maroutian

Until we chat again: 

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