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August 2016

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

As we slowly emerge from our wintery hibernation, one tentative foot after the other, one question on the minds of many is: how do we shed the extra padding we miraculously seem to have acquired over the last few months. Exercise doesn't always cut it, does it? I have seen too many hopefuls exercising themselves close to death and getting nowhere when it comes to weight loss.  If we don't pay attention to diet, then exercise, whether moderate or excessive can only provide limited results.

When it comes to diet, I believe the most effective change you can make is in the fats you eat. Remember fat does not make you fat as long as you eat the right kinds and for weight loss the one that stands out above all others is coconut oil. Studies have shown that diets rich in oils containing medium chain fatty acids, such as those found in coconut oil, prompt a boost in metabolism, increase in energy, decrease in food consumption, reduced body weight and lower body fat mass. Furthermore, these oils are highly recommended as a tool to drop extra abdominal fat, always the most difficult fat to lose, not so? They're also a useful tool to manage a healthy weight. So don't only use coconut oil for cooking, but take it like a medicine by the spoonful, and if you don't fancy that, then dump a good dollop of it in your morning smoothie. You should, over time, see and feel the difference. Extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil in a glass bottle would be preferable. Absolute Organix has a super one that you can order here but you should also find it in Wellness Warehouse stores.Glycemic Vibrance powder

If you're already a coconut oil junkie but still having problems then look to balancing your blood sugar levels. Nothing works better for this than Vibrant Health's Glycemic Vibrance H. Use this religiously every day for a minimum of 3 months and you're bound to be thrilled with the results. Today blood sugar disorders have become an epidemic, found in more people than ever before and at ever-younger ages. Highly refined processed foods with little or no fibre are most likely to blame. Glycemic Vibrance is a blend of concentrated natural foods high in fibre. To this, add moderate exercise to help re-establish normal blood sugar control. Glycemic Vibrance is still on offer at half price or buy one get one free, but stocks are running out fast. It will soon be replaced by Metabolic Vibrance, the same ingredients and results just by a new name, and back to normal price. 

For a quick start to weight loss a 3 day detox using Vibrant Health's Vibrant Cleanse before you start on Glycemic Vibrance will set you on the path to successful and sustainable weight loss that no radical weight loss diet can achieve.

Krill with CLA low res

Then there is also conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) - great for reducing abdominal fat, improving lean body composition and reducing hunger. It helps reduce fat by interfering with a substance in your body called lipoprotein lipase that helps store fat.

My favourite CLA supplement is See Yourself Well Krill Oil + CLA. This is because one also derives the benefits of the antioxidant properties of krill oil as well as the benefits of added fish oil. Both these oils will also assist with weight management. You can read more about this supplement here



Still on the subject of weight loss:

The much-maligned spud


Many health professionals claim that potatoes are a bad carbohydrate because they are thought to have a high glycemic index and certainly the Banting Diet forbids any potato other than sweet potatoes which are an entirely different family. 

It is well recognised these days that using glycemic index is an out-dated method of choosing your carbohydrates. Although a generalization can be made that most low glycemic index carbohydrate choices will help you lose body fat more easily than high, there are many other factors that determine how your body will react to and process the carbohydrates you ingest, such as glycemic load and also how you combine the high GI food with other foods such as protein, fibre, and fats, which all slow down absorption of the ingested carbs. Besides potatoes are a great source of potassium (more than bananas) needed to maintain healthy blood pressure levels, as well as fibre, vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron and too many other vitamins and minerals to mention here.

Of course we're not talking about French fries. Sorry to disappoint. Rather than being a health food we turn this vegetable into a fat-making carcinogen as soon as we drop chips in a deep fryer filled with trans fats from the highly inflammatory cooking oils that are generally used for this purpose. Deep fried potatoes build up dangerous acrylamides from the frying oil reacting with the starch, and these compounds are carcinogenic. Eat them if you wish for an early death. 

Otherwise there's just no reason to avoid the old spud simply because it has a high GI. As long as you use the right cooking methods you can still have your boiled baby potatoes, potato mash and baked potatoes. For the latter, as well as for oven chips, use coconut oil, lard or duck fat. 

So in conclusion, an occasional potato a couple of times a week is not going to hurt your efforts to get lean, especially if you combine it with some other fibrous vegetables, a healthy fat such as butter and some free-range protein. This way your glycemic response will be slowed down considerably. Hope I'm getting my point across here: It's cupcakes, pastries and bagels that make us fat - not potatoes! 

green potatoBe aware though  that potatoes do contain low level toxins called glycoalkaloids (solanine - the plant's protection mechanism) that are concentrated in the skin, so I prefer to peel them and if there is any sign of green in the skin or flesh, cut it away, as this is a sign of increased glycoalkaloid production. These toxins in small doses are harmless but high doses have been known to cause gastrointestinal discomfort and headaches in some people. Better safe than sorry. 

How weight loss reduces knee pain

While on the subject of weight loss let's have a look at two reasons why losing weight can reduce knee pain and the risk of developing osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee:

Firstly, weight loss reduces weight-bearing pressure on the knees more than you ever thought. Did you know that each pound of weight loss can reduce the knee-joint load by four pounds! So lose 10 pounds and thats 40 less pounds per step that your knees have to support! This means less wear and tear on the knees and reduced risk of developing OA.

Secondly, weight loss reduces inflammation in the body, and recent research suggests that inflammation is a key risk factor for osteoarthritis, not a consequence of OA. Being overweight may increase inflammation in the body that can lead to joint pain. I have seen this in many of my overweight clients when I receive their blood results for Ultrasensitive C-Reactive Protein (a measure of inflammation in the body). Just a 10% reduction in weight can lower inflammation significantly.

It is clear that carrying around extra pounds signicantly increases a person's risk of developing OA. Overweight women are 4 times more likely and overweight men are 5 times more likely to develop OA than women and men with healthy weight. The good news is that losing even a small amount of weight can be beneficial. For example women losing just 11 pounds can reduce their risk of OA of the knee by 50%! Motivation indeed.

This month's special

See Yourself Well Coenzyme Q10 100mg - 60 softgelsCoQ10 198x378

R380   R330 until 31 August 2016

Adults take 1 - 2 softgels daily

This would be  a good time for me to remind you of the many benefits of taking CoQ10?

  • Supports cardiovascular health and heart function
  • Promotes physical energy and stamina
  • Fights free-radical damage throughout the body
  • Promotes immune and cellular health
  • Supports normal blood pressure levels
  • Supports healthy blood vessels and endothelial lining
  • Helps reduce the normal signs of aging (and who wouldn't want that?)

Flouride supplementation

I often get asked by moms if they should be giving their babies or children a flouride supplement such as Zymaflour. This article, 50 reasons to oppose flouridation, answers that question better than I can. Take particular note of Reason #6.


I do hope that even if you're not looking to lose weight, you did find something of interest in this newsletter. I'll be doing the Namaqua Flower route from 26th August till 4 Sept so if you're keen to have your order before I leave please do get it in latest the 25th. Otherwise send your order so long and I'll gladly dispatch it after 5 Sept.

Till next month, take care and be well.

Lynne Brown

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