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October 2016

Hi Visitor, here is my latest eNewsletter

Sunshine is Healthy!

Now that we're heading for Summer, some of you like myself, will be seeking out the sun. Once again the big debate around sunscreens and sun exposure will arise for sure. By now you know my view on this as I have expressed it often enough in the past. See October 2011 newsletter and you'll find these two articles interesting too:False promises of sunscreens, Part 1Part 2.

Now a more recent study has linked infertility to sunscreen use. According to this Danish study many ultraviolet-filtering chemicals commonly used in sunscreens interfere with the function of the human sperm cells and some mimic the effect of the female hormone progesterone. The study's senior investigator believes this may be why unexplained fertility is so prevalent these days.

Canceractive are running a sensible Sun Safe campaign which  you can read about here. The bottom line is: Sunshine is essential for health and without it optimum health is hard to achieve. But please don't abuse it and get burnt. That is not clever. I'm in the sun alot in the summer and find I can avoid burning by drinking lots of carrot juice ( I take the easy way out by using Aim's Just Carrot powder), wearing a hat and sunglasses and taking good old omega-3 fish oil. If you must use sunscreen be sure to choose carefully and use it sparingly so that you don't block out all the health giving vitamin D. I have yet to find an unhealthy person with a beautiful tan! 

Miracle Milk Thistle

Each and every day our bodies are constantly been chemically ambushed and often by new chemicals that have never been tested for safety. The moment we wake the fight begins between our bodies and numerous toxins, as we are continuously exposed to environmental pollution, processed foods, contaminated water, cleaning detergents, pharmaceutical drugs and numerous other sources of toxic chemicals. Our livers are the first barrier of protection against these toxins, but these days our livers are easily overburdened and unable to eliminate toxins fast enough. A liver cleanse or detox now and again is not a bad idea.  Enter milk thistle, a herb that has been used for centuries as a remedy and preventative for numerous diseases.  Milk thistle seeds and extracts from these seeds, silymarin, have long been used as a natural therapeutic guard against liver damage and liver failure, It may also combat diabetes, seasonal allergies, atherosclerosis, gastrointestinal problems, metabolic syndrome and even cancer. It ican be useful in the treatment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 

Published studies on milk thistle's anti-cancer potential, in particular the silymarin component of the herb, show its effectiveness against cancers of the skin, prostate, liver, lung, breast, colon, cervix and ovaries. It is also powerfully chemoprotective and for this reason it is often used as an adjunct in conventional cancer care to help mitigate the toxic effect of chemotherapy and radiation. Milk thistle is also known to have strong anti-metastatic activity, preventing the growth, spread and metastasis of various cancer cell lines.  It is particularly effective in targeting prostate cancer as it suppresses the secretion of prostate specific antigen (PSA).Liverchol

Milk thistle can be taken in powder, liquid extract or tablet or capsule form. My favourite source is Enzyme Process Liverchol. With it's additional supporting ingredients I have even seen kidney and gallstones disappear thus circumventing expensive, unnecessary operations. 

Read more here: Milk thistle benefits


ADHD - the importance of good nutrition

Are we creating a generation of Ritalin-deficient children? It is scary how quickly hyperactive children are put on drugs such as Ritalin or Concerta, habit forming amphetamines with many properties similar to those of cocaine, without first been evaluated for chemical, nutritional and allergic factors. Nutritional intervention is seldom investigated, in spite of the fact that nutritional treatment has proven very helpful for many hyperactive children and has few, if any, side effects. Studies have shown that academic performance and behavioural problems diminish significantly when children are given nutritional supplements. Optimal nutrient and essential fatty acid  intake is vital for children with attention or hyperactive challenges. 

Of course there is no one solution for every child with ADHD. Deficiencies, if they do exist, will differ from child to child. For example some studies show vit C and B3 works, others zinc or magnesium. Mg and B6 has been found in one study to be 10 times more effective than Ritalin. Another study showed that children who had had three or more antibiotic courses before the age of 3 were more likely to have attention/hyperactivity problems due to a deficiency in zinc, calcium, chromium and selenium. 

One deficiency that comes up time and again is omega 3 fatty acids - not surprising since the best source is coldwater fatty fish such as sardines, wild salmon, mackerel, tuna and how many of our South African children get to eat those? Many children with ADHD have known symptoms of essential fatty acid deficiency such as thirst, dry skin, eczema and asthma. Males have a higher reqiuirement for EFAs and are more commonly affected with 4 out of 5 ADHD sufferers being boys. These children would do well to have more oily fish, and seeds of flax, hemp, pumpkin and sunflower or their oils, and if this is not possible then a good quality omega-3 supplement is non-negotiable.  

Other factors that need to be taken into consideration: is the child exposed to toxic elements such as lead, excess aluminium or copper? Allergies to artificial additives in food, colourants (tartrazine the best known to be linked to allergies and ADHD), MSG, flavourings. Cow's milk, chocolate and oranges have also been known to be a problem in some. Gut problems and poor liver detoxification are also worth looking into. Many parents find sweets promote hyperactivity so try removing from the diet all forms of refined sugar and foods containing it.

Dont expect results overnight but if you stick with a program of removing additives, processed foods and giving only natural wholefoods, with the addition of a good multivitamin and omega-3 fish oil supplement, a noticeable difference is possible within 3-6 months.

Remember too, that sometimes the child that least deserves love is the child that needs it the most.

Two supplements I would highly recommend here are Green Vibrance Junior and See Yourself Well omega-3. In fact, I've right now made a snappy decision to offer a combination package of these 2 together and since the Green Vibrance Junior is already 20% off at the moment I'll knock 20% off the See Yourself Well Omega-3 1000 -150 softgels too. Sadly I have to limit this combo offer to the first 4 customers who order and make payment, and I also would like to see this combo going to four children experiencing ADD/ADHD challenges.

adhd combo

There are lots of interesting articles for those wanting to read up more about ADHD on this website: Open Forest

Vice Breaking News!Vice Breaker

Please pass on the message to all Wannabe-Non-Smokers that for this week until Monday 31 October they can get 10% off the normal price of Vice-Breaker. This is perfect timing for those wanting to ensure that they stick to their 2017 New Year's Resolution to quit smoking for good. They can read all about Vice Breaker and how it has helped so many others on www.quitsmokingnaturally.co.za

Cancer in the spotlight

As you know October and November are the two months assigned to anti-cancer campaigns with much testing done, and often over-zealous diagnosing and treatment. I'm not telling you what to do except - be aware and make sure you make informed decisions. So read, read, and read some more.  Here is a good starting point: Cancer screening and cancer diagnosis. I also found this Townsend letter particularly interesting: Circulating Tumor Cells.

 Well that's it from me for now. The year is screaming to an end and we are less than 9 weeks away from Christmas. Perhaps we should all consider giving our family members and friends healthy gifts this Christmas and start planning now. Till we chat again enjoy good wholesome food  in its natural state and good health.

Lynne Brown

Nutritional Therapist (BSc (Hons) HDE, Dip Clin Nutr)
The Orchards Nutrition Centre - Somerset East
Tel: 042 243 0339
Cell: 084 531 0786
Email: lynne@orchardsnutrition.co.za

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The information in this newsletter is for educational purposes only and not to be construed as medical advice. It is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or in any way replace qualified medical supervision. For any medical conditions, consult with your healthcare provider before using any products. Abundant health to you all.

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