See Yourself Well Coenzyme Q10


See Yourself Well CoQ10

60 softgels100 mg Ubiquinone per softgel

For preventing, managing and treating cardiovascular disease and improving overall health.


See Yourself Well CoQ10 is in an MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil base. This oil base isCoQ10 198x378 extracted from 100% natural coconut oil and has the unique characteristic of being able to penetrate the membranes of the cells in our bodies, thereby maximizing CoQ10's bioavailablity. Oil-based CoQ10 supplements have been shown to be up to 8 times more bioavailable than the powdered forms.


Overall benefits of CoQ10:

  • Supports cardiovascular health and heart function
  • Promotes physical energy and stamina
  • Fights free-radical damage throughout the body
  • Promotes immune and cellular health
  • Supports normal blood pressure levels
  • Supports healthy blood vessels and endothelial lining
  • Helps reduce the normal signs of aging


60 softgels  R380

Shipping: R75. For orders over R2000 shipping is FREE!


Email or call Lynne on 084 5310786 or 042 2430339.



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