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At The Orchards Nutrition Centre our products are all nutrition-based and very carefully selected. Our focus is on natural whole food supplements as well as high quality nutraceuticals.  Omega-3 fish oil is our passion and we are the sole importers of the IFOS 5-star rated pharmaceutical grade See Yourself Well brand of fish oil from Canada. We are also the proud exclusive importers and distributors of the amazing 100% natural anti-smoking remedy, Vice-Breaker.

Best Sellers

Vice Breaker - stop smoking aid

See Yourself Well Vice Breaker

Vice Breaker is a 100% natural capsule designed to reduce your desire to smoke, cleanse your lungs and alleviate stress and anxiety associated with nicotine withdrawal. It is safe and effective with no known side-effects.

See Yourself Well Omega-3 Softgels EPA 400mg

See Yourself Well Omega-3 Softgels

The fish oil used in all our omega-3 supplements is 5 star rated for purity, safety and label accuracy by International Fish Oil Standards. It is sustainably sourced from wild caught anchovy, sardine and mackerel.

Coenzyme Q10

See Yourself Well Coenzyme Q10

See Yourself Well CoQ10 is in a Medium Chain Triglyceride oil base extracted from natural coconut oil. It has the unique ability to penetrate the membranes of the cells in our bodies, thereby maximizing CoQ10's bioavailability.

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We at The Orchards Nutrition Centre believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, with the help of optimal supplementary nutrients that treat the cause of symptoms rather than mask the symptoms. Our purpose here is to promote a holistic, drug-free, approach towards optimal health and prevention of chronic disease, through diet, wise supplementation and lifestyle changes.

At The Orchards Nutrition Centre we specialise in importing and distributing the finest health and healing products nature provides and only from reputable suppliers and manufacturers.

Our qualified nutritional therapist, Lynne Brown, is in the frontline, ensuring that we offer a product range that covers most requirements for supplemental nutrition. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, please fill in our contact form below and we’ll do our utmost to help you source it.

Our Product Offering
Because we care deeply about the well-being and safety of you, the consumer, our products are carefully sourced so that we can supply some of the best, safest and most effective complementary medicines available.

We are especially proud of our imported See Yourself Well brand of supplements. Every single batch of fish oil used in the omega-3 softgels has been independently tested by International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) and has been awarded their 5-Star rating, certified for health safety, product purity, nutritional value and label accuracy. A consumer report is available on the IFOS website for every batch of See Yourself Well or Life Support Omega-3 purchased from us. Furthermore the fish oil in See Yourself Well softgels is in the natural triglyceride form which is absorbed up to 70% better than the common ethyl ester form found in all omega-3 fish oil products available on store shelves in South Africa.


The information contained in this website is for educational purposes only and is not to be construed as medical advice. It is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or in any way replace qualified medical supervision. For any medical conditions, consult with your health care provider before using any supplements.  By using this website you are indicating that you understand and agree with this disclaimer. Abundant health to you all.

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