Adrenal Cytotrophin by Enzyme Process


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Adrenal Cytotrophin have been developed to be safe for everyone, including children and the elderly.

Measuring the serum chemistry value of an organ in the body will determine the functionality of that organ. An improvement in the blood chemistry value indicates tissue regeneration, thus also an improvement in the function of the organ and as a consequence an improvement in the overall biological functioning of the body.

The Enzyme Process range of Cytotrophins has been designed specifically to improve the blood chemistry value of a number of different body organs.

What is a Cytotrophin?

Each organ in the body has its own related blood chemistry value. A Cytotrophin is a raw protein concentrate extracted from bovine or porcine organs and processed under carefully controlled conditions to preserve the biological activity of enzymes in a particular organ.

Where do Cytotrophins come from?

Just like humans, all animals require enzymes. Therefore, concentrates from the glands and organs of young animals (whose enzymes are at the peak of activity), raised in pesticide-free, healthy environments are used to improve wellness in humans. These concentrates, called Cytotrophins, are usually obtained from the organs of calves or young pigs and are rich in Vitamins, minerals, hormones and live enzymes.

How are Cytotrophins made?

Doctors Lee and Hansen of Enzyme Process Laboratories pioneered the extraction process now used by the top manufacturing companies in the United States and Europe. The production of top quality concentrates has to be carefully controlled so that the processing temperature does not exceed 37°C. The process incorporates a de-fatting bio-compatible solvent which removes fat soluble hormones, fats and residual chemicals including environmental toxins. It uses a low temperature air drying process to preserve the biological activity of the enzymes. The raw material is thoroughly tested for salmonella and other pathogens and is then certified free of pathogens. Random sampling and testing occurs throughout the tableting process.

How do they work?

The concept of including organ tissue in the diet for the treatment of disease i.e. “like treats like” is as old as the history of man (called organotherapy). In fact, it was from empirical observations of this kind, that modern endocrinology developed. For centuries, there has been the belief, that inherent in the organ is the means of healing that organ. The 16th Century Doctor Paracelsus declared “The heart heals the heart and the kidney heals the kidney”. Since then, many observations of the effects of supplying tissue extracts have been reported in medical literature. Harower – 1933, covered a whole range of these, noting the effects of oral administration of heart extract for heart problems, and the use of organ material by various ancient peoples through out the world is well known.

Enzyme Process Cytotrophins contain polypeptide chains, macromolecules and nucleic acids which are transported in small quantities across the intestinal and capillary membranes into organ and gland tissue. They also circulate in the bloodstream and are ignored by all glands and organs except the selected target tissue. The target organ or gland recognizes its related polypeptide chains, protein and nucleic acid, and by some means, possibly by the action of receptors in the cell membrane, transports and uses the material to its advantage.

How should Cytotrophins be taken?

Cytotrophins should be taken for a period of 3 months for maximum effect. The dosage will vary according to the individual patient and the disease state of the organ. In some cases positive results can be achieved in a shorter time.


Standard dosage for Adults and Children: One tablet three times daily, or as prescribed by G.P or health practitioners. For optimum results, use for a minimum of three to six months.


Helps fight stress and adrenal exhaustion: fights inflammation, chronic fatigue, allergies, hypoglycemia and diabetes; restores normal carbohydrate balance; good for health and sexual maturation.


All products contain 200 mg of the active bovine Cytotrophin. All of these Cytotrophins are tablets made without Dibasic Calcium Phosphate. This common binding ingredient has been found to interfere with the effectiveness of bovine Cytotrophins (glandulars).

The following is applicable to all the Cytotrophins including Adrenal Cytotrophin:

Interactions with Herbs and Supplements: None known

Interactions with Drugs: None known

Interactions with Diseases or Conditions: None known

VERY IMPORTANT: Use only as prescribed by your G.P. or health practitioner for fast and optimum results.

See also: thyroid cytotrophin

Further reading: Glandulars for Immunity and Autoimmune Disease


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