Hairgenx Natural Shampoo for Hair Growth



  • Combat hair loss
  • Strengthen thinning hair
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Adds body to all hair types

For men and women

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Hairgenx is a natural shampoo that promotes hair growth and combats hair loss. Strengthen thinning hair, promote healthier follicles, add body – for all hair types. Formulated with a special blend of natural ingredients, which have been selected to deliver essential nutrients to ailing follicles, helping strengthen thinning hair, and combat hair loss. These nutrients also assist in inhibiting the topical production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the follicle. DHT prevents adequate blood flow to hair follicles, thus preventing the effective delivery of vital nutrients. Healthy follicles mean added body, and thicker healthier hair.

This shampoo can be used for both male and female pattern hair loss.

HairgenX Natural Herbal Shampoo does not remove natural hair oils – unlike detergent-based products which can strip up to 80% of these vital oils from the hair leaving it lifeless without shine.

Start Treatment Early. Follicles that have already been destroyed by DHT cannot be revived.

HairgenX is a range of natural hair loss products scientifically proven to combat alopecia in both men and women. The primary action is the effective blocking of the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body.

The HairgenX products have no side effects.

Instructions: Use whenever you wash your hair. For optimum long term results, continuous use is recommended and use together with Hairgenx Conditioner and Hairgenx Hair Growth capsules.

This shampoo contains: Fenugreek (Fenugreek Seed Extract-the main active in all these hair loss products- is a primary food ingredient in countries such as India and Turkey. Inhabitants of these countries are known for their thick lustrous hair, and natural hair extensions exports), Nettle Leaf Extract, Burdock Root Extract, Rosemary Oil.

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The HairgenX Hair Loss program is designed to combat hair loss from within the body using state-of-the-art natural, safe supplements taken internally, as well as used externally. The shampoo, conditioner and COCO products are extremely effective at restoring follicle health, as well as being excellent in repairing and nourishing damaged hair.

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