See Yourself Well Omega-3 1200 – 90 Softgels


Triglyceride form

  • Promotes heart health & brain function
  • IFOS 5 star rating for safety and purity
  • 1200mg EPA/DHA daily
  • Ultra refined, molecularly distilled

Third Party Tested by an internationally recognized independent party, International Fish Oil Standards, and awarded 5 Stars for health safety, product purity, nutritional value and label accuracy.



See Yourself Well Omega-3 is a highly concentrated blend of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which help to support cardiovascular and cognitive health and brain function, and reduce serum triglyceride levels. The fish oil in our softgels is sustainably sourced from wild caught anchovy, sardine and mackerel and is in the natural triglyceride form proven to be absorbed up to 70% better than the common ethyl ester form. Ultra refined, molecularly distilled with no fishy aftertaste.

Medicinal Ingredients per softgel:
1000mg fish oil from wild caught sustainably sourced anchovy, sardine and mackerel in natural triglyceride form.
400mg EPA 200mg DHA per softgel.

Non-medicinal ingredients:
Gelatin softgel, vitamin E.

No yeast, wheat gluten, soy protein, milk/dairy, corn, sodium, sugar, starch, artificial colouring or flavouring.

Third Party Tested by an internationally recognized independent party, International Fish Oil Standards and awarded 5 Stars for health safety, product purity, nutritional value and label accuracy. (Scroll to bottom of this page for an example of a consumer report from IFOS for the oil in See Yourself Well softgels.)

Suggested Dosage:

Adults take 2 softgels daily with food, or as directed by a health care practitioner.


Clinical Omega-3 Tests show support of cardiovascular health, immune and nervous system and eye health and therapeutic support for both body and brain. Omega-3 is the most important essential nutrient that our diet lacks. There is now overwhelming evidence that Omega-3 can improve health by lowering triglycerides, improving Heart and Brain function, improving circulation and helping to prevent diseases and ailments such as: Diabetes, Stroke, Depression, Arthritis, Allergies, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Skin disorders, Cataracts, Asthma, General joint aches and pains and Gout.

Omega-3 continues to grow in scientific credibility as a key component of health. Established and emerging evidence supports its continued use, providing practitioners with a leading edge as well as safe and effective means to enhance their clinical practice for optimum results.

By incorporating See Yourself Well™ EPA and DHA into a treatment plan, within 4-6 weeks a patient may:

  • reduce the risk of developing heart disease by 32%
  • reduce the risk of death from heart attack by 70%
  • lower blood TG levels by 32%
  • reduce plaque build-up in arteries by 75%
  • correct irregular heartbeat
  • reduce the risk of stroke by 30%
  • reduce resting heart rate by 5 beats per minute
  • decrease in pain symptoms associated with rheumatoid general joint aches and pains
  • decrease in inflammatory biomarkers associated with liver disease
  • decrease in cataracts in the elderly by 15%
  • decrease risk of pneumonia by 35%
  • decrease in breathing problems such as asthma and bronchial constriction

HEART:Clinical studies conclude that by maintaining the correct amount of Omega-3 (DHA & EPA from fish oil ) in your body you are 32% less likely to develop heart disease, and you are 70% less likely to die from a heart attack.

BRAIN: Clinical research continues to document that, from the womb, and throughout one’s lifecycle, the proper levels of Omega-3 provide great benefits to brain function and eyes, and assist in the prevention of illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

CANCER: It has been clinically proven that those suffering from cancer are more susceptible to heart disease, weakened immune response, and other related inflammatory conditions. These conditions are positively impacted by Omega-3 EPA and DHA.

INFLAMMATION: Immune system and inflammatory response helps the body defend and heal itself. But the immune system’s response must be balanced, managing the inflammatory response to prevent injury normal and otherwise healthy tissue. Omega-3 EPA and DHA from fish and fish oils can help.

Manufactured in Canada using only CGMP-compliant manufacturing facilities that are registered with Health Canada and FDA. A wealth of research has gone into the development and testing of all See Yourself Well products.

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