U.T. Health – restore urinary tract health in pets


  • Urinary Tract Support.
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Contains D-Mannose, Botanicals, Antioxidants.

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Help your pet restore urinary tract health with carefully selected botanical extracts and powders.

U.T. Health is a natural healing alternative featuring D-mannose and antioxidant-rich botanicals. E. Coli, a bacteria often responsible for urogenital infections, is attracted to D-Mannose and will dislodge from the urinary tract wall, attach to the D-Mannose, and be excreted from the body. Antioxidant-rich plants such as parsley, goldenrod, and dandelion support and restore urinary tract health by promoting urination and cleansing internally. UT Health is designed to help your pet during active signs of infection, such as accidents, pain, and difficulty urinating. Always consult with your veterinarian.

U.T. Health is designed as a crisis intervention solution for urinary tract issues for dogs and cats. Formulated by Vibrant Health for Vibrant Companions, our line of premium pet supplements.

  • Beef liver added to be appetizing to pets
  • Supports and restores urinary tract health
  • Eases discomfort

D-Mannose – D-Mannose is an anti-microbial sugar that occurs naturally in cranberries, which binds to sites where E.Coli bacteria are attached and helps rid the urinary tract of this infection-causing bacteria.

Uva-ursi – Uva-ursi can help reduce bacteria in the urine as well as swelling in the urinary tract.

Dandelion – Dandelion is a natural diuretic, which promotes urination, and also helps in detoxification.


Mix into your pet’s food three times per day during crisis until entire container is consumed.

  • Small dogs/cats – 1/4 scoop – 40 servings
  • Medium dogs – 1/2 scoop – 20 servings
  • Large dogs – 1 scoop – 10 servings

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