Gigartina Red Marine Algae Ointment by Vibrant Health


7 grams

  • moisturising
  • healing
  • soothing
  • anti-viral

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Gigartina Red Marine Algae ointment contains the powerful benefits of gigartina with soothing and reviving delivery methods. Gigartina is rich in sulfated polysaccharides, which are substances known to inhibit certain viruses.

  • Richest source of gigartina available
  • Great addition to wellness plan
  • Natural immune support
  • Contains 14 skin healing ingredients
  • Safe to use on all areas of the body

Sulfated polysaccharides are complex sugars that contain sulfur. Carrageenan and other gel-like substances are members of this family of polysaccharides. Research has isolated and identified a number of sulfated polysaccharides from sea plants that improve immune function. The richest source is what you find in this product, Gigartina skottsbergii. This product is a great addition to any wellness plan and can be especially useful in warding off viral infections duringĀ  harsh winter months. Plant sterols in the red marine algae may provide additional immune boosting benefits.

Gigartina is a red marine algae that is rich in sulfated polysaccharides. It possesses strong immune properties, and combined with the healing Emu Oil produces great relief against cold sores, and other skin lesions.

Used inside of nostrils can prevent a virus from entering mucosal tissue.

RMA ointment has been reported to provide relief, and aid with healing of shingles.

Can be used in combination with Gigartina RMA capsules with great success. While the gigartina works from the inside, the RMA ointment will work from the outside helping to provide relief and speed up the healing of many topical lesions.


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