• Restores Natural Bacteria needed for Optimum Health
  • 100% Natural & GMO Free
  • Contains 7 Herbal Extracts
  • Improved Taste – Containing New Organic Fruits Juices

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Rawbiotics Daily includes a selection of herbal extracts added to the fermentation for a daily probiotic that improves digestion, energy and health.

Why do we need probiotics?

Probiotics support the body’s natural defenses, starting in the digestive tract by naturally restoring the balance of “good”  beneficial bacteria in the gut. 70% of our immune system lives in our digestive tract, so a healthy and balanced digestive system plays a very important role in strengthening overall health and well-being.

What are Rawbiotics?

Rawbiotics are live, non-freeze-dried probiotics that balance & optimise the function of the gastro-intestinal tract. Unlike regular pure-culture probiotics, Rawbiotics are in a live liquid form and so don’t need to be freeze-dried to survive. The formula contains 12 strains & multiple classes of live beneficial bacteria fermented for 21 days at exact body temperature.

Why Rawbiotics?

There is no more natural and effective form of probiotic than Rawbiotics. Fermentation has been the manner in which people have gotten their probiotics for thousands of years but, unfortunately, this practice has fallen away. Regular freeze-dried probiotics assist to some degree in replenishing gut microbes but in a very limited scope. Rawbiotics, on the other hand, contain a vast range of natural probiotic bacteria along with the vital by-products of the fermentation process, such as the enzymes necessary for good digestion and uptake of nutrition by the body.

Beneficial bacteria and stress

Current thinking in the study of mental health challenges includes strong speculation that bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other psychological or neurological problems are associated with shifts in the microbiome. ⠀
When the beneficial bacteria within your microbiome are weakened or damaged due to stress, the integrity of your gut lining can become compromised. This can make you more susceptible to exhaustion, nutritional deficiencies, inflammatory conditions, depression or anxiety. ⠀
By correcting the balance of bacteria in your gut with a good probiotic, you can better handle stress, improve your mood, and even support the treatment of your anxiety or depression. ⠀

Dosage and Directions for Rawbiotics Daily:

Adults: 30ml per day (compromised digestive systems: start with 10ml per day and build up to recommended dosage). 

Children: 15ml per day or use Rawbiotics KIDS

Can be taken at any time, with or without food.

Ingredients in Rawbiotics Daily: 100% Natural Fruit juices, Kelp, Natural Sugar Cane Molasses, Sodium Chloride, Purified & Structured Water, Efficient Microbes Food Grade Beneficial Cultures and Herbal extract blend (Chamomile, Rose Hip, Olive Leaf, Elderberry, Siberian Ginseng, Astragalus).

Species and Benefits: 

The majority of probiotics available to us today contain only one or two species of bacteria which are grown as pure cultures and then freeze dried so that they may be kept alive. This is not a natural process and it does not contain the full range of species that microbes usually interact with as part of their normal life cycle. To add to this, these probiotics are grown in a sterile environment, with no competition, and so when they are introduced to the wild and variable ecosystems of the ‘real world’, their ability to survive is severely impeded.

There are 12 different microbial species present in Rawbiotics Probiotics, each rendering specific benefits to our systems on a daily basis:
1) Bifidobacterium Animalis which aids the gut with digestion, obesity control, improves your skin’s appearance, helps to boost the immune system and prevents colds and flu.
2) Bifidobacterium Bifidum helps with diarrhea by providing the good bacteria back into the system, it works to strengthen the immune system and helps with candida.
3) Bifidobacterium Longum is a species which aids with allergies (we all have them at some point), diarrhea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Celiac and the immune system.
4) Lactobacillus Acidophilus is great to deal with IBS, diarrhea, immunity, urogenital infections and allergies.
5) Lactobacillus Bulgaricus is aimed at helping the liver function optimally, helps with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), colds and flu, diarrhea, skin conditions, allergies and even colic! Our Kids Balance range is safe for your babies too.
6) Lactobacillus Casei is used to boost the immune system, prevent colds and flu through strengthened immunity and help with symptoms of diarrhea.
7) Lactobacillus Fermentum helps to have a boosted immune system, hold off urogenital infections, healthy liver functioning and cholesterol control.
8) Lactobacillus Plantarum assists with IBS pain and symptoms, prevents colds and flu and boosts the immune system.
9) Lactococcus Lactis SSP. Diacetylactis helps to improve the appearance of one’s skin and helps with conditions such as eczema and acne, while improving the immune system, easing allergies and helping with symptoms of IBS.
10) Bacillus Subtilis is a species which helps to ease constipation, deals with IBS, improves the immune system and symptoms associated with diarrhea.
11) Saccharomyces Cerevisiae simply packs a punch by helping with digestion and immunity.
12) Streptococcus Thermophilus has the function to help digest food properly and efficiently, aid with diarrhea, eases IBS problems and symptoms, improves the immune system and helps to ease colic.


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